Best COD Mobile Man-O-War Loadout For Mobility, Recoil Control & Long Range

Best COD Mobile Man-O-War Loadout For Fast ADS, Recoil Control, & Accuracy

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the popular games that allow players to customize in-game elements according to their preferences. Interestingly, we bring you another Call of Duty Mobile custom loadout guide featuring one of the best assault rifles in the game, the Man-O-War.

The Man-O-War AR is among those highly customizable weapons with many good attachment options. Although the Man-O-War is destructive in its base form, you can take it a notch up with a mix of some good attachment combinations. Interestingly, along with the Man-O-War, we have also made some custom builds for other ARs as well based on different playstyles, take a look here.

COD Mobile Man-O-War Custom Loadout

Man-O-War loadout for close-range combats:

The Man-O-War is a formidable weapon in its raw form; however, it can be tailored to be an optimal CQC weapon with a few tweaks.

BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)Level 17
StockYKM Combat StockLevel 37
PerkMelee MasterLevel 14
LaserMIP Laser 5mWLevel 21
Rear GripStippled Grip TapeLevel 6
Man-O-War custom loadout 1

Man-O-War mid-to-long-range all-rounder loadout:

If you’re the kind of player who loves to take fights from behind a cover, then this COD Mobile AR loadout for Man-O-War is a must-try for you. This custom Man-O-War will help you shred enemy players in a mid-long-range area.

BarrelOWC RangerLevel 30
StockYKM Light StockLevel 37
UnderbarrelOperator ForegripLevel 24
Ammunition30 Round Extended MagLevel 5
Rear GripGranulated Grip TapeLevel 35
Man-O-War custom loadout 2

Man-O-War long-range loadout:

Are you one of those who wish to snipe down the enemies but can’t really snipe? Well, we’ve got you covered with this COD Mobile AR loadout for Man-O-War. You’ll be able to gun down you’re opponents feeling like a sniper, but with an assault rifle.

MuzzleOWC Light CompensatorLevel 15
BarrelOWC MarksmanLevel 41
Optic3X Tactical Scope 1Level 16
StockMIP Strike StockLevel 26
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 32

Note: If you’re keen on having more ammunition, you can swap the stock attachment with the ammo. In doing so, you’ll be losing some accuracy, which at this point won’t matter as the gun has a 3x scope giving you better visibility and accuracy over long ranges.

This is it for this version of the COD Mobile custom loadout guide. We will be covering other assault rifles soon. One thing to note, you should always customize the weapons according to the profile which suits your playstyle best. Moreover, you must try and make changes to these loadouts; you never know which attachment might best suit your loadout.

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