Nothing Phone (1) Benchmarks Might Disappoint You

Nothing Phone (1) Gaming Capabilities Shown Off: Is The SD778G+ Enough?
Image: MKBHD/Abubakar Mohammed

When Carl Pei, the budding industrial designer known for his contributions to OnePlus smartphones, distanced himself from the company, there was plenty of excitement about his next move. Rumors of a new phone company soon came to fruition as Nothing Phone 1’s began articulating.

It claimed to continue the rebellious spirit of OnePlus as it aimed to bring the traditional approach to a smartphone in terms of accessories. Soon afterward, The Nothing Ear (1) buds captured the eyes of the spectators with its minimalist and partly transparent design.

The startup is now taking a step further and is about to launch its first-ever smartphone in the market; however, the rumors suggest that the device is already splitting camps.

Although Nothing trying to follow in Apple’s footsteps creates plenty of hype among the enthusiasts, Pei has highlighted the difficulties in the smartphone industry today, including stuff starting from intricacy to anonymity and how Nothing seems to be addressing these factors.

The aspiring creator promises literal and figurative transparency, minimalism, and special emphasis on the design. However, the recent teasers create conflicting impressions.

Users are rather disappointed with the design’s early revelation, which, despite being transparent, also contains a white plate. The Nothing operating system custom experience is also disruptive, expressing the company’s minimalist design.

Lackluster specs with an impressive design

Although Nothing claimed that the device would feature high-end spec, the general perception of the masses expected it to be competitive with other choices in the market.

As per Geekbench, Nothing Phone (1) will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ 5G, a mid-range chipset released last year. It will be accompanied by an 8 GB RAM, which is also modest for the flagship product.

Although the design did create some excitement, the specs were rather disappointing since consumers expected it to at least have the latest Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset, which would allow it to stand out from the competitors.

However, many users may miss out on the experience as Nothing Phone (1) will only be available through the invite system. As seen with OnePlus, the selling campaign can drive up hype and desire excitement for the limited editing device.

However, it isn’t a new sight as people already anticipate a repeat of the OnePlus system. Hopefully, Pei has a secret trick up his sleeves and doesn’t repeat similar mistakes.

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