Nothing Phone (1) Gaming Capabilities Shown Off: Is The 778G+ Enough?

As long as its not a demanding title you should be fine!

Nothing Phone (1) Gaming Capabilities Shown Off: Is The SD778G+ Enough?
Image: MKBHD/Abubakar Mohammed

The hype train for the Nothing phone (1) is going at full speed. It’s been quite some time since Tech enthusiasts were this excited about a new smartphone. The device is getting all the coverage it can get; popular YouTuber Dave Lee also shared his thoughts on the Nothing phone 1’s gaming performance.

According to him, the Nothing phone (1) can game pretty well despite being a mid-range device. “But it can struggle with really heavy stuff,” he said.

Nothing Phone (1) gaming demo by Dave Lee

Nothing Phone (1) Gaming Capabilities Shown Off: Is The SD778G+ Enough?
Image: Nothing

Dave is constantly seen playing the latest AAA titles in his laptop review videos. While smartphone gaming is not his forte, he has reviewed the gaming performance on the likes of the ROG Phone 5.

As per Dave, “it’s 2022, and mid-range devices like the Nothing Phone (1) can game pretty well too”. However, it’s a different story when you bring in the latest demanding titles like Genshin Impact. “It’s fine at 30 fps on low to medium graphics, but if you go to 60 fps even on low, you are going to get stutters,” he said.

In his early insights, he concluded that the Nothing Phone (1) is perfectly fine for casual Genshin, but hard-core gamers “will drop combos” at high graphics. The same goes for Diablo immortal, as the game is capped at 30 fps on the device.

Dave likes the unique design

What impresses Dave about the Nothing Phone (1) is not its gaming capabilities but rather the uniqueness it brings to the table. According to him, Nothing has created “something that looks a little cooler and is a little more fun to use.” Although there are a ton of devices focused solely on high performance, the Nothing Phone (1) comes with dapper aesthetics.

He praised the glyph interface of the device, which lights up according to different ringtones and notifications. The lights even show the device’s charging status when flipped upside down. He was even impressed with the thin and symmetrical bezels on the Nothing Phone (1), “this is very uncommon with mid-tier phones,” he said.

Lastly, the Nothing phone (1)’s actual gaming performance is yet to be seen after the device launches on July 12th. Meanwhile, you can check out the leaked specifications of the device. We could also see a Nothing Ear (1) Stick launching alongside the phone.

Will you buy the Nothing phone (1) for gaming? Let us know in the comments down below.

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