A Teenager Might Be Responsible For Hacking Big Tech Companies

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Recently, the Lapsus$ hacking group has been responsible for accessing confidential data from big tech companies. Many big companies such as Nvidia, Microsoft, Samsung, Ubisoft, and Okta have been their victims. Cybersecurity researchers now claim that the mastermind behind the group may be a 16-year old teenager.

Four Cybersecurity researchers investigating the Lapsus$ hacking group on behalf of the victims believe that a teenager is a mastermind. Researchers have used forensic evidence from the hacks and publicly available information to tie the teen to the Lapsus$ hacking group.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the alleged hacker goes by the online alias “White” and “Breachbase.” According to the researchers, the teen’s hacking skills are fast, so fast that they thought the teen had automated their activity.

Another suspected member of the group is also a teenager living in Brazil. Security researchers have also identified seven unique accounts associated with Lapsus$.

Lapsus$ hacking group

Lapsus$ is a relatively new hacking group that has successfully accessed confidential data from Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, etc. Microsoft has said in a blog post that the group is focusing on large-scale social engineering and extortion campaigns against multiple organizations.

“Unlike most activity groups that stay under the radar, DEV-0537 (Lapsus$) doesn’t seem to cover its tracks. They go as far as announcing their attacks on social media or advertising their intent to buy credentials from employees of targeted organizations.”


The group is quite different from other hacker groups as it has quite a public voice. They also have a dedicated Telegram channel where they leak the source code and internal documents they have stolen. Lapsus$ has even taunted their victims by joining Zoom calls of companies they have hacked.

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