Google X Founder: Downloading Our Personalities To Computers Possible Soon

google x transfer personalities
google x transfer personalities


Till now, we were busy learning the art of transmission of files and data between computers and mobiles. But to my surprise, recently an eminent inventor claimed that our computers may very soon be capable of transmitting the complexities of human personalities.

Sebastian Thrun, the one who founded the Google X laboratory, the birthplace of technical wonders like Google Glass and Driverless Cars, believes that we can get to the point from where are able to outsource our own personal experiences entirely into a computer or possibly our very personality. He believes that the concept might seem impossible and unimaginable, but it can be turned into reality.

Interestingly, other upcoming inventions of Thrun are even more shocking and unimaginable. They include flying cars, computers that are implantable into the human body and medical treatments that will drastically curb unnatural deaths. This is truly a proof for the fact that all has not been yet invented, so it is very sure that there is much more for us to see in the years ahead.

However, a virtual reality pioneer, Jaron Lanier, who is known for his books on the philosophy of computers, doubts the thought that personalities can be shared via computers. He warned that Silicon Valley has put too much faith in the technological progress. He said that we are going to dive in troubles because defining our personality is no less than a challenge, as we go through lots of changes all along our lifetime.

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