Gotham Knights, Sonic Frontiers & Valkyrie Elysium Will Have Denuvo DRM

gotham knights, Sonic Frontier, Valkarie Elysium Denuvo DRM

Gotham Knights, Sonic Frontiers, and Valkyrie Elysium have updated their Steam store page, revealing that they will include Denuvo DRM. There’s also the recently revealed NFS Unbound, which will feature EA’s third-party DRM (online activation and an Origin account).

Looking at records, nearly every game released with Denuvo DRM usually has many performance issues. These issues can sometimes be long load times, FPS drops, micro-stutters, and more. These aren’t that much of an issue on a good gaming PC but can make a game unplayable on a lower-end PC.

Gotham Knights slipping in Denuvo DRM at the last moment


Most of these games are still months away from their launch. On the other hand, Gotham Knights is just a few weeks from its release. However, they have only recently updated their Steam page to include Denuvo DRM. We have seen this happen with Dying Light 2, where the developers added Denuvo at the last moment.

It seems Warner Bros didn’t want more bad press for Gotham Knights for including Denuvo DRM. The studio decided to use Denuvo DRM even though it affects the game’s performance. Gotham Knights will come out on October 21 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

We still don’t know the official PC system requirements for Gotham Knights. However, the game will support Ray Tracing Reflections & DLSS 2 and Intel’s XeSS. The latter two should help alleviate some of the performance issues for Gotham Knights due to Denuvo DRM.

However, having Denuvo DRM doesn’t guarantee pirate groups won’t crack the game. Empress is a notable pirate who has cracked many games protected by Denuvo. They have recently cracked games like Dying Light 2, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Far Cry 6, and Deathloop.

For more information, check out our list of all Denuvo games cracked by pirate groups. Let us know what you think about Denuvo games in the comment section below.

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