This Mouse Is Actually A Complete Computer With Screen And Keyboard

The computer mouse

A couple of years ago, a YouTuber named Slider2732 created a “PC In A Mouse” using an Orange Pi and an optical mouse; it gained lots of media coverage and praise from the DIY enthusiasts.

Fast forward to today, another YouTuber, whose channel goes by the name Electronic Grenade, has invented a similar device. Called “The Computer Mouse,” it’s a completely functional computer with a normal-sized, 3D-printed mouse.

Talking about the core of the computer, there’s a Raspberry Pi Zero inside it that powers the device. There’s a 1.5-inch screen attached to it that you can use to browse the web and run commands on terminal to satisfy the nerd inside you.

computer in mouse keyboard

For input, there’s a sliding keyboard that you can use to type in text. You might need to struggle while doing so because its placement is a bit odd.

While you can run Minecraft Pi edition on this computer, you’ll face some issues as Pi Zeo isn’t that powerful.

All in all, it’s like a DIYer’s dream coming true. You can watch the video below to see The Computer Mouse in action:

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