RAB Fire Extinguisher: An Eco-Friendly Way To Douse Flames


Conventional fire extinguishers are good at putting out a fire but are not the best option to do so. That’s because improper use can end up harming the user. Besides, the standard extinguishers are not environment-friendly either.

If a person uses an extinguisher incorrectly, he may experience skin irritation or breathing problems. Even using extinguishers in a space having poor ventilation can result in the person needing medical attention. On the other hand, a fire extinguisher’s content makes it a type of toxic waste that is bad for the environment.

However, there is an emerging alternative to standard extinguishers, called the RAB Fire Extinguisher, which overcomes the aforementioned cons. Here’s a video showing this eco-friendly breed of a fire extinguisher in action.

RAB Fire Extinguisher features

Coming from Brunei-based RAB, this fire extinguisher spray is effective, eco-friendly, and portable. It can put out a fire of reasonable size and intensity within seconds. As shown in the video, the spray can douse flames engulfing a car, inside a home, and even outdoors.

Unlike regular fire extinguishers, which contain carbon dioxide, dry chemicals, and foam water, RAB Fire Extinguisher Spray consists of sustainable components. This makes sure that it doesn’t cause harm to the planet.

Moreover, the RAB spray improves over standard extinguishers when it comes to health risks. While other sprays can harm a person’s skin or eyes, the one from RAB is totally harmless. Impressively, even direct contact with this extinguisher’s content doesn’t seem to cause any adverse effect, as shown in the video above.

Clearly, these advantages make the RAB Extinguisher Spray a clear favorite over the regular ones. Keeping in mind its “eco-friendliness,” there’s little doubt this kind of fire extinguisher must quickly replace the toxic chemical-infused extinguishers that are popular today.

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