8 Best Dynamic Video Wallpaper For Xiaomi/Redmi MIUI 11 Devices

Best MIUI 11 Dynamic Video wallpapers for Xiaomi Redmi devices

Back in October last year, Xiaomi unveiled the latest update to its Android skin called MIUI 11, along with a plethora of new and interesting features.

The update added much-needed design changes to the UI, essentially de-cluttering several menus and settings, therefore giving a new minimalistic and aesthetic look.

To further enhance the user experience, MIUI 11 encompasses a brilliant feature called Dynamic Wallpapers, a.k.a. Video wallpaper. As the name suggests, users running MIUI 11 can put up live wallpapers on the Home screen and/or Lockscreen of their Xiaomi/Redmi devices.

While there is no harm in using personal videos, putting up third-party beautiful live wallpapers can transform their Xiaomi smartphone to a whole new level.

Given it’s a new territory for MIUI users, here is a curated list of the best Dynamic wallpapers that users can apply on their Xiaomi devices –

Best Dynamic Video Wallpaper For MIUI 11 Devices –

Note: Anything “best” is subjective, particularly when it comes to wallpapers. Fossbytes does not endorse any of the art below, and the list solemnly reflects the writer’s best. As they say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

1.Space Wallpaper

Astronomy and Space enthusiasts would love the Space Wallpaper by VisualDon. An astronomer walking on the moon is not something you get to see every day on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the dynamic wallpaper is not quite realistic as you can see, there is no gravity, and the Earth isn’t this close to the moon as showcased. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful wallpaper and certainly deserves a tryout.

VisualDon has numerous visually stunning loops that you might be interested in.

2. Marvel Intro

Marvel Intro

MIUI 11 Dynamic wallpaper is the perfect opportunity for Marvel fans to express their love for the Marvel universe. You can unlock your Redmi smartphone with this Marvel intro, which is almost in every one of its production movies.

If this doesn’t seem like much fun, choose your favorite scene from any Marvel movie and apply it as your video wallpaper.

3. Space Particles 

Space Particles Pixabay

Pixabay is home to millions of free images and videos. Thanks to MIUI 11 dynamic wallpapers, Xiaomi users can download the copyright-free creative works and apply it on the device’s home screen and lock screen.

Space Particles from Gam-Oi piqued my interest, for reasons you can see for yourself. However, there are hundreds of mind-boggling videos on Pixabay that can turn your MIUI 11 device into an aesthetic wonder.

4. CyberPunk 2077

Wake the fu*k up samurai, we got a city to burn

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated video game, scheduled to release on 17 September 2020. The video clip is part of the game’s trailer where the character Johnny Silverhand, played by John Wick, jumps into the storyline for the first time.

John Wick already has a massive following, and seeing his gaming character will undoubtedly be an eye-pleaser for gaming fans.

5. MIUI Theme App Video Wallpapers

MIUI video wallpaper themes app

While exploring new video wallpapers for Xiaomi device, don’t forget to check out the MIUI Themes app. Just go to the Themes app — Tap on Wallpapers — Tap on Live Wallpapers — Scroll down until you find it — Tap on Apply.

Xiaomi keeps adding new video wallpapers. But weirdly, it knocks off the previous ones. Moreover, Live wallpapers cannot be located via the search; unfortunately, users will have to find it manually. But on the bright side, there are dozens of other amazing video wallpapers that you can choose from.

6. ART 86

Art 86 Wallpaper Xiaomi dynamic

YouTube is home to thousands of creators; naturally, there is an abundance of video wallpapers on the platform. In my search for the best video wallpapers for Xiaomi devices, I stumbled upon many interesting videos from a YouTuber named Bee Link.

The beautiful minimalistic ART 86 got my attention. However, there are hundreds of aesthetic looking videos from the YouTuber that you can apply on your Xiaomi/Redmi home screen.

7. Google Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers

Pixel 4 wallpaper

Several Xiaomi users yearn for a Pixel-like experience on their Xiaomi device. But even if one has installed a custom launcher or applied a custom theme that imparts a Google Pixel look, there are still Google Pixel live wallpapers left.

Thankfully, there is a way to get Pixel 4 wallpaper, and it works on all Android devices. Users will need to download and install the Google Wallpaper app from the Play Store and Pixel 4 wallpaper port from here.

Once installed, open the Wallpaper app. Scroll down and tap on Live wallpaper. Choose any Pixel 4 live wallpaper.

8. Zedge Video Wallpapers

Talking about apps, there are several video wallpapers apps on the Google Play Store. Zedge is one such app that offers stunning dynamic wallpapers that could be used by Xiaomi users.

Users only need to head to the video section and choose from hundreds of video wallpapers. One problem with the app is that users need to watch an ad before they can download free wallpaper. Moreover, a lot of really good wallpapers are paid.

Get Dynamic Video Wallpaper For Xiaomi Devices Now!

So, these were some of the best dynamic wallpapers for the Xiaomi device. Comment on which one you liked the most and if you found a video wallpaper worth mentioning in this list, then do let me know.

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