Apple iPhone 12 To Launch ‘Months’ After Expected Time: Report

Apple iPhone 12

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the production and manufacturing of major tech and auto companies including, Tesla, Apple, Samsung and many more. The latest news is that Apple is expecting a delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 by months. The reason behind the delay is attributed to the fact that Apple wants its first 5G iPhone to be a hit and under the current circumstances, there are feeble chances that customers might want to upgrade to a new iPhone.

Apple iPhone 12 launch crisis

As reported by Nikkie Asian, Apple had internal discussions to figure out the reception of the iPhone by users if it is launched in the current situation. Major Apple supply chains have also claimed that the situation created due to the pandemic will make it impossible to launch the iPhone by September 2020, the expected launch month.

Apple is keeping a regular check over the critical situation in the US and Europe as they are its biggest markets. Until both countries overcome the situation created due to the pandemic, Apple is less likely to launch the new iPhone. Apple is said to take the final call for the launch date of the iPhone 12 in May 2020.

Apple on Coronavirus

Apple has provided work from home to a majority of its staff since the first half of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As per the latest notice by Apple, work from home facility for its employees could be lifted by mid-April and the closed Apple retail stores will also be opened.

Previous reports suggested that Apple is working on four different variants of the iPhone 12. All four variants will come up with 5G connectivity support and the latest A14 processors. The new 2020 iPhones are said to come equipped with sensor-shift stabilization.

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