Microsoft And Google’s Truce Is Over, And Things Might Get Dirty Now

Microsoft and Google truce coming to an end

Six years ago, Google and Microsoft entered a legal truce to stop attacking each other. That was a time when both companies were actively locking horns by attacking each other with newspaper ads, online campaigns, and more.

This truce between Microsoft and Google was keeping both companies from taking active digs at each other, bringing the big tech’s internal conflict into the open. Now, Financial Times has reported the end of that truce, and it is already showing on both companies.

Google And Microsoft: Deal’s Off The Table!

Microsoft and Google rivalry representative image
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Going into the specifics, the truce was to avoid complaints to regulators and legal battles between companies. Cracks started to show as Microsoft bashed Google’s Advertising tools for creating a monopoly.

When Google stood against Australia’s new laws, Microsoft opposed the search giant’s stance. Later, Google retaliated by accusing Microsoft of trying to break the open web.

A more recent example is Android apps on Windows 11. While the truce was expected to improve the situation between Google and Microsoft, it doesn’t seem to have worked well on this front.

Microsoft is using Amazon’s store to run Android apps on Windows 11. While the Play Store would’ve been the simpler way around, maybe earn Microsoft some more brownie points, it didn’t work out.

This truce has come to an end at a time when Google is facing several antitrust cases. Big tech, in general, is taking flak from around the world in one form or the other. At a time like the rivalry between the duo could take an ugly turn.

While the chances of repeating the events from six years ago are bleak, the companies might find a new way to get back at each other.

Google’s behemoth of a search engine is also closely rivaled by Microsoft Bing. Google is also having a difficult time with its privacy policies. Microsoft has recently announced the death of Internet Explorer. I’m not getting ideas here but there’s serious ammunition for both companies to resort to the “old days”.

On the flip side, things may remain quiet between Microsoft and Google, with or without the truce. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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