MIUI 11 Best Feature: Dynamic Wallpapers And How To Enable It?

MIUI 11 Feature Dynamic Wallpaper
Video Wallpaper from @visualdon

Xiaomi’s latest update MIUI 11 has several interesting features, but one that outshines other is the new Dynamic Wallpapers, aka live wallpapers. As the name indicates, the MIUI 11 feature allows users to apply video wallpapers of their choice on the home screen and/or lock screen of their Xiaomi device.

Mi users can either choose from the default Dynamic wallpaper in the Mi Themes app or use their own video wallpaper. The latter includes self-shot videos as well as any third-party clips.

How to enable MIUI 11 Dynamic Wallpapers in Xiaomi/Redmi devices?

Stock Live Wallpapers

The Mi Themes app in MIUI 11 has a few striking Dynamic wallpapers. The catalog is small, nevertheless good for starters i.e., people who want to test how dynamic wallpapers would appear on their Xiaomi device.

Here is how to apply Dynamic wallpaper from MIUI 11 Themes app –

  1. Go to Mi Themes app — Wallpapers — Live Wallpapers
    Dyamic Wallpaper MIUI 11 How to
  2. Choose any wallpaper and tap on Download
  3. Tap on the Volume icon on the top-right corner if you want it to be soundless
    MIUI 11 Live wallpaper
  4. Tap on Apply
  5. Choose if you want it to be on the home screen and/or lock screen.
  6. Enjoy!

3rd-party Live Wallpapers

The true potential of MIUI 11’s Dynamic Wallpapers is applying third-party live wallpapers on the home screen, thus opening the Xiaomi device to millions of creative videos online.

But before we talk about the sources, here is how to apply any personal dynamic wallpaper in MIUI 11 devices –

How to apply live video wallpaper MIUI 11

  1. Go to the Mi Gallery app — Albums — Videos
  2. Tap on any video of your choice
  3. Tap on the three-dot menu icon in the bottom-right corner
  4. Choose “Set Video Wallpaper”
  5. Tap on the Volume icon in the top-right corner if you want it to be soundless
  6. Tap on Apply
  7. Choose if you want it to be on the home screen and/or lock screen.
  8. Enjoy!

Where to find Dynamic Wallpapers for MIUI 11 Xiaomi devices?

Pixabay, the free wallpaper website is a great source to find some of the amazing live video wallpapers for your Xiaomi devices.

Apart from that, there are a few best Android wallpaper apps that offer free live wallpapers. YouTube is another great platform where millions of creators keep coming up with new videos that you can use for Dynamic wallpaper.

What about the battery?

Dynamic Wallpapers will gobble up the battery on your Xiaomi devices. But that shouldn’t shy you away from applying your favorite videos and gifs as your wallpaper.

You can try out a few tricks on your Android device in order to compensate for the extra battery drain.

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