Xbox ‘Project Scarlett’ Coming With 8K Support And 4x More Power

xbox 2020 project scarlett

At E3, Microsoft shared some more details regarding its upcoming Xbox gaming console, which is set to bring a massive performance boost to let gamers enjoy a fully-immersive experience. The company has released its Project Scarlett trailer that further sheds some light on the previous rumors that Microsoft will release two Xbox consoles in 2020.

What is Project Scarlett?

As you might have already guessed, Project Scarlett is the codename the company has given to its next, high-end Xbox console. The project’s reveal trailer mentions that Microsoft wishes to put fans at the center of every decision they make, and that’s why Xbox 2020 will focus on performance improvements to reduce the load times.

Talking specifically about the specs, the new Xbox will feature 8K capability and you’d be able to enjoy frame rates up to 120fps. Furthermore, thanks to real-time ray tracing and variable refresh rate, the graphics in the supported games will feel more realistic.

To boost the game load times, Microsoft says that it has created a new generation of SSDs and the new console will use SSD as a virtual RAM.

All these performance improvements will be supported by Microsoft’s custom-designed 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU that’s based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. This chip is expected to be 4 times more powerful than the current chip in Xbox. The resultant overall data transfer performance of the next 8K Xbox coming in 2020 will be about 40-time better than the current generation of Xbox.

Alongside Xbox 2020, Microsoft also teased the upcoming Halo Infinite, which is the next chapter in the Halo gaming franchise; Halo Infinite will continue the Halo 5: Guardians storyline.

It was earlier rumored that the entry-level model will be codenamed Lockhart and the top-end model will be called Anaconda. Currently, we don’t have the details of the specific models.

Similar performance improvements and specification boost is also being expected from Sony, which is working on the upcoming PS5. The next-gen console from Sony will come with 8K support, SSD storage, 8-core AMD Ryzen chip, 120Hz refresh rate, 3D audio, and more.

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