NASA Will Charge You $11,250 For ‘Using Toilet’ At The International Space Station


As part of making the International Space Station (ISS) open to commercialization, NASA will allow private citizens a chance to stay at ISS for a 30-day long trip.

While this sounds like a new offbeat destination for our vacation, the trip definitely wouldn’t be a cheap affair. It is suggested that the voyage will cost people around $35,000 per person (around Rs 24,28,650), that too, per night.

To break it down, it would cost you $11,250 if you want to use the toilet and life support systems at the ISS. For crew supplies including food, air, medical kit, etc. you’ll have to shell out $22,500 every day.

NASA ISS Space Trip Cost

Adding on to further expenses, the flight price is likely to hit $50,000 million, according to Reuters. It will be exclusive of the food, communication, and storage expenses at the ISS.

NASA has suggested that it is open to conducting two such 30-day trips a year to the International Space Station for almost a dozen private astronauts’ with the first mission expected to take place in 2020.

In addition to this, the trips will be privately funded and taken care of by companies such as Boeing and SpaceX, and the spacecraft will be developed under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Furthermore, NASA is planning to open up commercial markets at ISS for an ‘economy at low-Earth orbit.’

For this venture, NASA is conducting various experiments and research to finally make ISS commercial.

NASA’s new venture will act as another phase in the US’s mission for a trip to the Moon in 2024.

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