Latest Windows Update Breaks ‘Reset This PC’ Feature: How To Remove It?

WIndows Update Breaks Reset This PC

The latest Windows Update to create a mess on users’ machines is KB4524244. After installing the update, various users complained that they can’t use the “Reset This PC” feature (aka Push Button Reset) on their computers.

Neowin first reported the problem and it didn’t take long for it to echo in the ears of Windows-maker. When a user tries to reset their PC, the process doesn’t complete, and the error “There was a problem resetting your PC” is displayed on the screen.

However, it is known that the bug only affects a small number of Windows users. KB4524244 was a standalone security update intended to fix an issue where PCs running third-party UEFI boot managers could get exposed to security vulnerabilities.

It was released for all the supported Windows 10 versions, including 1903 and 1909. Microsoft has now confirmed that it has pulled KB4532693 from the Windows Update catalog, and it won’t be “re-offered” in the future.

How to remove KB4524244 from Windows 10?

If you have installed this security update on your machine, then you should uninstall it right away. To do that, go to Settings > Update and Security > View Update History > Click on Uninstall Updates.

Next, the Contol Panel app will open where you can find KB4524244 and remove it from your machine. Uninstalling the update won’t affect other security updates and cumulative updates.

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