Google Map For Android & iOS Adds ‘Messages’ Option To Interact With Businesses

Google Maps messages feature

Google Map has silently pushed a new feature on its Android and iOS app that allows users to interact with businesses by sending them a message. The feature aims to boost the engagement between the end users and small business that are difficult to reach via telephone or their own website.

The feature was announced by Google in November but wasn’t rolled out until now.

First spotted by a Reddit user going by the name “sanju2cool” and reported by BGR, the feature is available upon clicking the hamburger button in the app. The feature would be helpful in contacting businesses by sending them a message instead of calling them.

Users can directly message the business listed on the app and ask them questions like directions, working hours, ongoing offers, whether the clothes of your size are available at the store, etc.

For accepting the messages from users, Business owners need to install and enable messages in the Google My Business app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

It seems that Google wants to make its Maps app more user-friendly and approachable for customers as well as businesses.

To recall, Google Maps recently added autorickshaw mode under the public transport option for the users to know the best route possible while commuting via an autorickshaw.

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