Samsung Hits 1.7Gbps In 5G Speed Tests On A Moving Train

A generation of the telecommunication renews every decade. We are about to see the 5th generation in the coming years which promises gigabit speeds over wireless connections.

Various companies are working to roll out their 5G tech before others. Last month, Intel announced their 5G modems and Qualcomm has also demonstrated their 5G tech in the past. We might see 5G internet in some parts of the world by 2018.

Samsung successfully managed to get 1.7Gbps 5G speed in moving train during the tests performed between October 17 and October 19 in Saitama, Japan. The setup included a 5G radio (radio access unit), 5G router (CPE), virtualization RAN, virtualized core, and a train moving at a speed of 100Km/hr.

The goal was to download an 8K video during the mile-long (1.5KM) run of the train between two stations. And also, a 4K video shot through the camera attached to the train was uploaded using the 5G link.

The 5G test was done in collaboration with the Japanese telecom giant KDDI which aims to launch their 5G services by 2020. The companies did a similar test in a car moving at 60KM/hr on a highway in Tokyo earlier in February, achieving a maximum download speed of 3.7Gbps.

Testing in real-life scenarios is quite important for the commercialization of telecommunication technologies, according to the blog post. The 5th Gen networks would be able to fuel high-speed WiFi in fast-moving transport such as trains which would open doors for improved passenger entertainment and increased security and analytics.

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