PS5 Specs Leaked: 6 Things To Know About Xbox Scarlett Competitor

PlayStation 5 Official Load Time
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The PS5 specs have been leaked in a Wired interview with PS4 designer Mark Cerny. The detailed PS5 specs show backward compatibility, improved sound processing, and 8K gaming capabilities. So without wasting any time, take a look at everything you need to know about the next generation PlayStation 5.

6 Things To Know About PS5 Specs

PS5 Release Date

Mark Cerny confirmed that the PS5 will not be released in 2019. Furthermore, the console has been in development for the past 4 years and it is not a spec upgrade like the PS4 Pro was. The upcoming PlayStation 5 is a proper hardware evolution of the PlayStation 4.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility & Physical Disc

As I mentioned earlier, PS5 will feature backward compatibility right out of the box. This is because unlike the PS3, the PlayStation 4 and 5 share the same X86 architecture. So it is easier to make the PS4 games run on PS5.

According to Mark, the PS5 will also feature a Disc drive to ensure the survival of physical game copies. Currently, Google and Nvidia have their own streaming consoles.

8K Capabilities Through Zen 2 Architecture

Once again, AMD will power the next generation of consoles, including both the PS5 and its rival, the Xbox Scarlett. The PS5 CPU will be powered by an upcoming third-generation 7nm Ryzen chip based on Zen 2 8-core Ryzen Processor working alongside a Navi-based custom GPU.

To put it simply, the CPU and GPU performance of PS5 will collectively deliver 8K gaming capability. The new PS5 will also be the first in line of modern gaming consoles to not suffer from an underpowered CPU. Even the latest Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have comparatively weaker CPUs when compared with their graphics chips.

The Navi-based PS5 GPU is capable of ray-tracing technology that mimics natural light as it bounces off objects. The PS5 will be the first gaming console to feature ray-tracing.

Superfast Load-Times

The PS 5 will feature SSD instead of a regular hard drive. The performance gain of equipping a PS5 with an SSD can be explained using a real-world example. On a standard PS4, the load time of the new Spiderman game takes about 15 seconds. While on a PS5 dev kit with SSD, Spiderman loads in just about 1.5s.

PS5 will feature 3-D sounds

The upcoming PS5 specs detail the capabilities of processing 3D sounds. Meaning if you’re playing the next generation of Assassin’s Creed on PS5, and a character walks behind you, then you’ll hear the same through your speaker.

The sound coming from a particular direction in the game will be projected the same way via your normal speakers. Moreover, the AMD CPU has an inbuilt custom unit to output 3D sounds.

PS5 Games Will Release With PS4

Future PlayStation games will be released on PS4 and PS5 at the same time. Titles coming in 2020, including Death Stranding, will be released on the PS4 and PS5.

With these PS5 specs, Sony’s intention to dominate the next generation of consoles is clear. However, what Microsoft showcases with its upcoming Xbox Scarlett remains to be seen.

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