Apple Hits Google Where It Hurts The Most #WWDC2019

WWDC 2019 Android iOS Usage Share

Apple just kicked off its WWDC developer conference by showing off all the new software and hardware it has in store for 2019. We got to see the dark mode on iOS 13, the new Mac Pro, upcoming titles on Apple TV+, and also the new iPadOS.

There’s one other thing the company didn’t forget to mention on-stage. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the usage share for iOS 12 and said that around 85% Apple iDevices run the latest version. But he also joked that Android Pie, which is made by “the other company,” only runs on 10% devices.

This comes after a recently ignited privacy war between the two companies. You might know that Apple and Google recently started a privacy war after Google CEO Sundar Pichai indirectly criticized Apple for selling “luxury goods” in the name of privacy.

Apple’s Craig Federighi gave an answer in an interview and criticized the search giant for fueling its products by collecting data. He didn’t take any names either.

Now, maybe it’s Apple’s response in an ongoing fight or not, but it might hurt Google where it hurts the most. It has been 10 years since Android’s release. Still, most of the users are deprived of the latest software updates.

If it’s not a Pixel device, it usually takes months for the latest Android version to reach the majority of Android users.

Here, we need to take into account the diversity and choice of devices that Android offers. It does take some time and the mercy of device makers to optimize the update for so many devices. But the situation could have been better because Microsoft has the same story and it, somehow, manages to get the job done.

Anyway, it’s interesting and fun to see how the two companies are trying to insult and make fun of each other on public platforms without taking any names.

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