What’s Coming To Hulu Second Week In June 2022: June 6 – 12?

What’s Coming To Hulu Second Week In June 2022: June 6 – June 12
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June is now underway, and Hulu started this month with a bang. The new season of “The Orville” is just as funny as the earlier ones, and the rom-com “Fire Island” certainly caught us off guard. Let’s see what Hulu is up to this week of June 2022.

Let’s go over all the new TV shows and movies coming to Hulu in the second week of June 2022. This list will cover all new films and TV shows coming to the platform from June 6, 2022, to June 12, 2022. But before that, let’s check out some highlights of this week.

Hotel Hell Complete Series (Monday)

“Hotel Hell” is an American reality tv series created, hosted, and narrated by Gordon Ramsay. The show features the popular chef as he visits various struggling lodging establishments throughout the United States in an attempt to reverse their misfortunes. Moreover, the show ran for three seasons which you can now watch online.

American Ninja Warrior: Season 14 Premiere (Tuesday)


“American Ninja Warrior” is a top-rated American Reality TV show that started back in 2009. It features super-fit athletes that compete against each in challenging obstacle courses. The show is now premiering its 14th season, and we expect even more awe-inspiring feats of strength and endurance in this new installment.

Everything heading to Hulu on June 2nd week

Image Credit: Hulu

June 6 (Monday)

  • Hotel Hell: Complete Series

June 7 (Tuesday)

  • American Ninja Warrior: Season 14 Premiere
  • Vida: Complete Seasons 1-2
  • THE ACCURSED (2021)
  • QUEENS OF PAIN (2020)

June 8 (Wednesday)

  • Killer Cases: Complete Season 2

June 9 (Thursday)

  • THE DOG KNIGHT (2021)
  • INDEMNITY (2021)

June 10 (Friday)

  • Undercover Boss: Complete Seasons 8, 9, 10

June 11 (Saturday)

  • HERE BEFORE (2021)
  • WARHUNT (2022)

June 12 (Sunday)


And there you have it; we hope you now have a better clue of what to expect from Hulu in week two of June 2022. We will be back with more updates about the new titles heading to Netflix and other streaming platforms every week. And since this week is not looking as good, check out what came out on the platform in the first week.

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