What Is Google Assistant? What Does It Do?

What Is Google Assistant
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Tech giants have developed some great, helpful assistant apps, but one of them that stands out is, without a doubt, Google Assistant. In this article, let’s look at what Google Assistant is, how it works, and what it does to make our lives easier.

Everyone needs assistance in one way or the other. From remembering things to trying to achieve something in life, tech and AI have helped us immensely over the past decade. There’s now personal assistance that is always just a few taps away from you.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant on Pixel 6
Abubakar Mohammed

The Google Assistant is a personal voice assistant developed by Google. When triggered, it listens to your questions and gives relevant answers. Google Assistant first debuted in 2016 as a part of Google’s Allo messaging platform.

The first Google Assistant version was made available in the first Pixel series. Soon after that, it was made available for most Android devices, smart home appliances, and a wide variety of smart devices in 2017. It was later released for iOS devices on the app store as a standalone app.

The Google Assistant is also available on the Wear OS family of devices. For starters, Wear OS is an operating system for smartwatches. Google Assistant is currently available across most Google and Apple products like Smartwatches, Google Nest, Android TV, Speakers, Smart Displays, and even headphones.

How to install official google assistant on the Galaxy Watch4

What can Google Assistant do?

The Google Assistant can do most of the stuff that’s usually considered a chore on Android devices. For example, something like searching for restaurants nearby, navigating to a place, and everything related to planning your day.

Similarly, you can ask Google questions like “What’s the weather today,” or “How’s the traffic to work.” You can also ask the assistant to do something for you, such as playing something on Spotify or giving you a news briefing.

Is Google Assistant better than Siri and Alexa?

The short answer is yes. Google Assistant is better than Alexa and Siri. Although, sometimes Siri responds and does things that the Google Assistant cannot interpret or do. However, if we talk about the overall performance of all the personal assistants, Google Assistant is a better assistant without a doubt.

What do you think is better among Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana (oh wait… Nevermind), or Bixby? Let us know in the comments section below.

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