What’s Coming To Hulu Fourth Week In July 2022: July 25 – July 31?

What’s Coming To Hulu Fourth Week In July 2022: July 25 – July 31?
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After a spectacular month, Hulu is now readying up to finish in July 2022. This month saw some great releases like the new rom-com “Maggie” and season 4 of the highly beloved mockumentary series “What We Do In The Shadows.” Let’s hope we will get something as good or even better from Hulu in week four of July 2022.

So let’s go over all the new shows and movies heading to Hulu in the fourth week of June 2022. This list will cover all new releases coming to the platform from July 25, 2022, to July 31, 2022. But first, let’s check out some highlights of this week.

Santa Evita (Tuesday)

“Santa Evita” is a Hulu original series about Eva Perón after she dies and her body is embalmed. After that, the embalmed body of “Santa Evita” goes missing and goes through many insane situations and events, which we won’t spoil for you here.

Not Okay (Friday)

“Not Okay” is probably the most interesting release of this week. It is a film starring Zoey Deutch as Danny Sanders, an aspiring writer living a lonely life with an even lonelier amount of followers on her page. So she fakes a trip to Paris to boost her followers. But a major tragedy hits Paris, and she “returns” as a hero with her life completely turned around. However, soon Danny will learn that the internet can raise you and put you down just as hard.

Everything heading to Hulu on July 3rd week

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July 25 (Monday)

  • King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (2017)

July 26 (Tuesday)

  • Santa Evita: Complete Limited Series Premiere

July 29 (Friday)

  • Not Okay (2022)
  • The Americans: Complete Series
  • Hatching (2022)

July 31 (Sunday)

  • A Day To Die (2022)
  • Client 9 (2010)

And there you have it. We hope you have a better clue of what to expect from Hulu in week two of July 2022. We will be back about the new titles heading to Netflix and streaming platforms weekly. Since you’re here, check out what came to the platform earlier this month as well.

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