“Romantic Killer” New Netflix Anime Trailer Released

"Romantic Killer" New Netflix Anime Trailer Released
Image Credit: Wataru Momose

“Romantic Killer” is an upcoming anime that is based on the manga which was written and illustrated by Wataru Momose. Just like the name suggests, the plot is a subversion of the usual romance tropes seen in most Shoujo anime and manga.

If that sounds like something you like, then don’t miss out on this upcoming series. And to give you a further idea of what to expect, Netflix has released the trailer for this anime. You can watch it yourself in the next section.

‘Romantic Killer’ anime trailer

The trailer starts off with the first meeting between our protagonist and the wizard Riri. It gives us brief look into what the anime is about with some very high-energy scenes. Also to note is that the anime does look quite faithful to the original manga.

Netflix has been investing more into Asian media with anime, shows, movies, and more. Along with anime, K-drama is another genre that gets a lot of love on this platform. If you also like them, check out ‘Seoul Vibe,’ Netflix’s latest South Korean original show.

What is ‘Romantic Killer’ about?

"Romantic Killer" New Netflix Anime Trailer Released
Image Credit: Netflix

The anime is about Anzu Hoshino, who is described as a “non-heroine” type high school. That means our protagonist is not interested in fashion, love, or romance but would rather just play videogames all day. But one day, a wizard called Riri shows up and forces Anzu to take part in the Magical World’s repopulation project.

And thus begins this weird rom com where this uninterested girl is surrounded by handsome boys. We see a likeable childhood friend, the popular guy in school, and even a naive rich guy. All these characters, along with Anzu, will change and grow as the story goes on.

‘Romantic Killer’ release date

As announced in the trailer, it is set to premiere on October 27, 2022. And it will be premiering exclusively on Netflix.

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