Is Valorant Escalation Mode Getting Removed? Everything You Need To Know

Is Valorant Escalation Mode Getting Removed Everything You Need To Know

Since its inception, Valorant, Riot’s first-person tactical shooter, has seen a steep rise in popularity among gaming enthusiasts. Valorant started with three game modes, Unrated, Spike Rush, and Competitive. Then, last year, the devs introduced Deathmatch as a practice mode. Now, the latest addition to the tac shooter, “Escalation Mode,” quickly became a fan favorite in Valorant.

Recently, the community is speculating if Escalation will remain in the game or not. Well, let’s dive further into the article to find out what Riot has in store for the future of Valorant Escalation mode.

Is Valorant Escalation A Rotating Game Mode?

Valorant’s madness-filled Escalation mode was initially launched as a rotating game mode. Rotating game modes are released for a short time before another game mode replaces them. Originally, Valorant released Escalation as a limited-time mode, however, Riot Games now has other plans.

Jared Berbach, Riot Games’ Producer, discussed further plans for rotational game modes, including Escalation, in a tweet.

According to Berbach, Escalation mode will remain in Valorant“for now, as long as queues are healthy and matches are quick to get into.” However, he also clarified that Riot is looking forward to introducing more rotating game modes.

Initially, Spike rush was also meant to be a limited-time game mode, as Riot confirmed. But with its “demand,” “queue health,” and “sustained engagement,” Spike Rush has become permanent, said Riot. On the other hand, another temporary game mode from last year, “Snowball fight,” was rotated out of the game.

Upcoming Valorant Game Modes

As stated in a tweet by Berbach, Riot is also working on a “Warmup mode” for Valorant. The said mode will allow players to join matches in progress. The Warmup mode, if launched, will be an infinite match in which players can drop in and out as they please. To put it simply, Warmup mode will be a different version of the current game mode, “Deathmatch.” Furthermore, this type of gameplay will allow players to practice and have a healthy gaming experience.

As there is no particular release date for Valorant’s upcoming Warmup mode, we’ll have to wait and see if and when Riot releases it. For now, the good news is that Valorant doesn’t plan on removing Escalation for some time.

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