Valorant To Introduce New ‘Deathmatch’ Mode On August 5

Valorant To Introduce New 'Deathmatch' Mode On August 5

Valorant players are desperately waiting for Act II, which will introduce a lot of new content to the game. Act 2 will launch a brand new Battle Pass while also adding the twelfth agent, Killjoy.

However, recently, it has come to light that Act 2 will also introduce the rumored Free-For-All (FFA) Deathmatch mode on August 5. FFA Deathmatch mode will launch in beta, and developers will keep the new game mode only if it pleases the players in the long run.

In the upcoming Deathmatch mode, ten players will land inside a Valorant map to test their skills. As rumored, all players will play solo as there will be no teams in the new Valorant mode. The first player to get 30 kills, or the most kills in six minutes, will be the winner.

Valorant Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode

Here are some more details about the Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode:

Loadouts: A player will respawn with heavy armor every time. Also, they get infinite credits to buy whatever gun they like and swap it anytime during the match. Unfortunately, players can’t purchase abilities in the Deathmatch, so the new game mode is all about gunplay.

Respawn: There will be infinite and fast respawns in the FFA Deathmatch with three seconds respawn timer. Players will get an 8-second window where they won’t receive any damage. However, that will go away if the player decides to move or fire.

Other than that, Valorant promises that spawn points will not “have enemies in or close to the line of sight.” Also, to maintain fair gameplay, Spawn Points will have their backs to the wall.

Health Packs: Interestingly, when players die in the FFA Deathmatch, they drop a health pack that expires after 10 seconds. Acquiring the health pack will restore health by 100/50 Health Points (HP).

Drop-out: Unlike in other Valorant game mods, players don’t get any XP for playing Deathmatch. They can drop out of the game anytime they want by selecting the Leave Match option for the menu.

UAV: To prevent camping and maintain fast-paced gameplay, the UAV will reveal all players’ location every five seconds.

Kill Banners: Kill ceremonies in FFA Deathmatch (Double, Triple, …) will be “time-gated instead of life-gated.” It further means that players will have a short window to get another kill and continue their streak after every kill.

So, these are all the rules for Free-For-All Deathmatch mode in Valorant. The game mode will launch a day after ACT II goes live, which will be today. Also, it will be the best Valorant mode to improve flanking and aims.

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