Microsoft’s New Patent Hints At Two Displays For A Tablet

microsoft patent

The tech owls have witnessed the launch of smartphones with dual displays, the Nubia X being the latest one. Now, the latest buzz has it that Microsoft could soon unveil dual displays, however, for a tablet.

According to a patent registered by the company at US Patent and Trademark Office, the alleged tablet could sport a reflective display at the back with ‘Metallic Writing Surface’ written on it.

The display is expected to comprise a number of layers, making the display appear much like a metallic surface. The display will be a light-emitting one which could allow for various uses; touch sensors on it could enable fingerprint scanning, a stylus could be used to scribble or jot down things, and the reflective metallic adds on to its premium and even looks.

The reflective display could be used either as a primary or a secondary one. Additionally, the tablet comes with an attached keyboard.

However, other uses and the technical specifications still remain under the veil. Additionally, the moniker attached to the device is not unknown.

While the concept of dual displays for a tablet could be something we might want to get our hands on, we still don’t know whether or not the patent sees the light of day.

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