Mysterious “Foldable” Microsoft Hardware Could Release Sometime In 2018, Report Says

Microsoft's Courier Concept
Microsoft's Courier Concept
A report published by Windows Central hints towards a foldable touchscreen device from Microsoft which is commonly known as “Andromeda”. It is being said that the rumored device would be similar to Microsoft Courier, a journal-like foldable device that never saw the daylight.

The hardware, designed to fit in our pockets, is expected to release in 2018 if sources are believed to be true. Pen and digital ink would be a point of focus for the unknown digital journal which is being designed to mimic a traditional notebook.

Due to the lack of specifications, nothing much can be said regarding the components inside. But Windows Central reports that an ARM processor could power the foldable hardware. The same can be assumed by seeing Microsoft’s increased interest in the ARM in the last couple of years.

The device is also expected to include call and text functionalities. So, it could act as an alternative to your phone if required. However, it’s not meant to replace your phone. Nor, it’s expected to be a tablet.

The mysterious notebook would take advantage of the growing UWP ecosystem, but it would be able to run traditional desktop apps through some emulation software Microsoft is developing.

One of the USPs of the rumored hardware is a dedicated software Redmond is working on. It would allow a writing experience similar to what we have on actual notebooks.

The digital note-taking device could carry the Surface branding, possibly named something like “Surface Note.” It would also help Microsoft bring to fruition their ‘One Windows’ dreams which they are planning to achieve in the form of a modular Windows 10 fueled by Windows Core OS and CShell.

Microsoft might have cut the cords on Windows 10 Mobile, but it seems the company doesn’t want to quit the mobile world altogether. Afterall, it’s going to be an integral part of the future. And Microsoft might end up creating a new device category, rather than competing with Android or iOS.

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