Overwatch 2: Sojourn Guide (How To Play The DPS Hero)

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Guide (How To Play The DPS Hero)
Screengrab: Sojourn abilities teaser Overwatch 2

Among the long line of Overwatch 2 DPS heroes, Sojourn is one hero that suits many playstyles. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to get better at playing Sojourn and make some interesting plays, here’s all that you ought to follow while playing Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

With the coming of Overwatch 2, fans can now play the new DPS hero who rocks a high-powered energy gun. While Sojourn was a known name for Overwatch players since the days of “Overwatch 1,” players can now finally use her in-game. Before advancing to the part of Sojourn’s abilities in Overwatch 2 and how to utilize them to the fullest, we need to know what part the hero plays in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn’s role in Overwatch 2?

sojourn alt fire
Screengrab: Sojourn abilities teaser Overwatch 2

Similar to Genji, Ashe, Hanzo, Junkrat, Cassidy, and Torbjorn, Sojourn is a DPS hero, the hero responsible for damaging and securing kills in-game. In addition to securing kills, Sojourn’s role is to maintain the pressure on enemy players alongside the tank heroes.

Furthermore, as opposed to tank heroes, to play Sojourn to her fullest, players must have good aim, no matter how easy it looks to play her in Overwatch 2. In addition to having a good aim, a good Sojourn player must have brilliant movement skills in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: Sojourn’s abilities

To get to the part where we learn the things to get better at Sojourn, we must first get familiar with Sojourn,s abilities.

Ability/WeaponType of ability/weaponDescriptionDamage
RailgunPrimary weaponSojourn’s primary weapon fires energy ammo in a projectile.9 per round (14 rounds per second)
Railgun Alt FireSecondary fireThe secondary fire uses the ammo energy generated from Sojourn’s railgun. The alt-fire can be fired at enemies at any time and can be shot at enemies at any given time.30-130 (depending on range)
Power SlidePrimary abilityPower slide allows Sojourn to either quickly jump in or out of the battle. This ability can be used to get to high ground by simply slide cancel and jumping.Nil
Disruptor ShotPrimary abilityA spherical blast of energy that slows down enemies captured in the radius and damages them over time.210 (over 4 seconds, within 5 meters)
OverclockUltimate abilitySojourn’s ultimate ability drastically charges the Railgun energy for a short duration, and charged shots pierce enemies.108 damage per second

How to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

Put Power Slide to the best use

sojourn power slide
Screengrab: Sojourn abilities teaser Overwatch 2

Sojourn’s Power Slide is a crucial part of her abilities that allows players to either quickly get away from a difficult fight or to get into a fight rather quickly. Furthermore, the Power Slide also allows Sojourn players to get to high grounds on the map by simply slide canceling. The slide-cancel plays a crucial part in repositioning from a fight where players are getting overwhelmed by multiple enemies.

That being said, Overwatch 2 players must learn when to use Sojourn’s Power Slide to the best of their advantage. If players times the Power Slide incorrectly, it could end up in a disaster for them; however, if players plan and execute it at the necessary moment, the Power Slide is sure to grant them an advantage over enemy players.

One of the best choices against tanks

sojourn against tank
Screengrab: Sojourn abilities teaser Overwatch 2

Among all the DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, Sojourn is a great choice against the tank heroes, especially the heroes with shields. With Sojourn, players can easily break off the barrier shields that help the tanks protect themselves and their teammates.

While Sojourn players can simply fire at the barrier to break it off, shooting with the alt-fire of Railgun will help players break the shield barriers even quicker. The Railgun generates energy for alt fire at a faster rate while shooting at enemy players, the gun will still generate enough energy to help Sojourn pierce the barrier shields in due time. That being said, Sojourn is quite good to play against the tank heroes with a larger hitbox in Overwatch 2. Heroes like Reinhardt, Roadhog, and others are some examples of enemies with bigger hitboxes.

Try these combos

sojourn dps overwatch 2
Screengrab: Sojourn abilities teaser Overwatch 2

As a DPS Overwatch 2 hero, Sojourn works in synergy with a number of heroes, from other DPS heroes to tank heroes to support heroes. On that note, here are some examples players should try in-game.

  1. Baptiste: Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix, paired with Sojourn’s ultimate, is an assurance that players can put down enemy tanks easily. Interestingly, the combo works so well that players can even take down the entire enemy team with these two ultimates.
  2. Reinhardt: Sojourn and Reinhardt’s abilities go well together, whether it’s Reinhardt’s ultimate paired with Sojourn’s Disruptor shot or the tank hero’s shield to help cover Sojourn as she attacks and builds her Railgun charge.
  3. Soldier 76: The Sojourn and Soldier 76 combo in Overwatch 2 can absolutely overwhelm the enemy team. Both DPS heroes have high mobility, and both of them are capable of flanking the enemy team; imagine a Sojourn and a Soldier 76 flanking the enemy team together while the tanks do their job.

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