Here’s How To Legally Watch Spy X Family Part 2 Without A Subscription

How To Watch Spy X Family Part 2 Without A Subscription
Image: Spy X Family

Wit Studio’s hit light-hearted anime Spy X Family is back with part 2 of its first season, not to be confused with Spy X Family season 2. Meanwhile, the latest episodes have already begun streaming online, and in this article, we’ll tell you how to watch Spy X Family online without a subscription.

Note: We won’t be sharing any piracy platforms in this article. Furthermore, we condemn any type of piracy here at Fossbytes.

To clear any confusion, Spy X Family is being released in two parts, the first one, which premiered in June of this year, and part 2, which began streaming on October 1st, 2022. We know many anime fans have been left waiting for new episodes to release featuring some more spying. And now, fans can get more of the Spy family action. However, before we dive into the part where we tell you how you can watch Spy X Family without a premium subscription, to put it simply, watch Spy X Family for free; let us briefly talk about the anime.

Spy X Family – The Plot

For the ones that are planning to get into Spy X Family, the anime is about a family, which is not a real one. For the sake of the world’s peace, secret agent Twilight has to get the cover of a family man. Interestingly, it turns out that his loving and caring wife is actually a deadly assassin, and his daughter is a telepath. However, no one knows about each other’s secret identities except for the daughter.

Watch Spy X Family without a subscription

Now for the part that every anime fan awaits. Yes, you can watch all the episodes of Spy X Family for completely free, and yes, this is completely legal; there’s no element of piracy here.

Fans can head over to Musa Asia’s YouTube channel to watch all the episodes of Spy X Family, including part 2. However, if you prefer subs over English dub of anime, this might not be of your interest. Meanwhile, given it’s for free, we are sure this might interest most.
Courtesy: Muse Asia YouTube

Muse Asia is a South-Asian anime distributor and licensor headquartered in Taiwan. Given the company operates out of South Asia, Muse Asia’s YouTube channel is right now only available in a few countries; these include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Bhutan. Furthermore, some of the content on their YouTube channel might be different for some countries.

Lastly, along with Spy X Family, the channel also has much other anime on its YouTube channel; fans can head over and watch them for free.

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