Overwatch 2: How To Get Better At McCree, Aka Cassidy!

Overwatch 2 How To Get Better At McCree, Aka Cassidy!
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If you love everything west, then you probably going to fall in love with McCree, aka Cassidy in Overwatch 2. And if that’s the case, and you wish to get better at playing this hero, we’ve got your back. In this Overwatch 2 guide, we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about Cassidy; and how to get better at slaying enemies with Cassidy.

As with every other Overwatch 2 guide, before we dive into the part of abilities and how to play Cassidy, let’s take a look at his background and how he came to join Overwatch, including his role in the game.

What is Cassidy’s role in Overwatch 2?

As a damage hero in Overwatch 2, Cassidy’s role is to eliminate the enemy support. In addition to killing off enemy support players, damage heroes should be the ones supporting their team in eliminating the tank heroes.

Furthermore, as a Cassidy player, it’s your duty to find the weak spot in the enemy’s defense and exploit it to the fullest. Furthermore, Cassidy is one of the best at stopping flanks. Make sure to stay at a distance from your team and look out for any flankers.

Making use of your abilities better to push the tanks away and create choke points. Meanwhile, in the case of Cassidy, the hero is best for mid-range fights, taking picks and getting out of the enemy team’s hair before they realize what hit them.

Overwatch 2: What’s in Cassidy’s arsenal?

overwatch 2 cassidy abilities
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5
WeaponType of abilityDescriptionDamage
PeacekeeperActive (Primary fire)The primary weapon of Cassidy is a deadly revolver with a 6-bullet cylinder.
Moreover, the primary fire shoots a single bullet in the direction of the enemy, which has a hitscan mechanic.
The secondary fire shoots away any remaining bullet in the gun in cowboy style, which is not accurate.
15-50 (depending on the range)
Combat RollActive (Secondary fire)This ability allows Cassidy to swiftly roll in any direction you want to while also reloading the primary weapon.Nil
Magnetic GrenadeActiveCombined with the Peacekeeper, Cassidy’s magnetic grenade is a powerful tool in his arsenal. The grenade sticks to the enemy players and damages them greatly.131
DeadeyeUltimateOne of the deadliest ultimates in Overwatch 2. The Deadeye locks on to the enemies in Cassidy’s line of sight and allows him to shoot multiple targets within seconds.130 in the first 2-second window
260 after 2 seconds

Making the best of Cassidy’s arsenal

Make every bullet count!

cassidy alternate fire overwatch 2
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

If you wish to be a better Cassidy player and make great plays in Overwatch 2, then you should devote your time to getting better at aiming. A Cassidy player with a sub-par aim will not help the team at all. Rather, the hero will be a liability to the team during matches. Furthermore, to win critical 1v1s, when time is running short and you have to take a stand for your team, it’s your aiming skills that will count the most.

Since Cassidy’s primary weapon only has a budget for 6 bullets, wasting those precious little things will not be of any use to you. Aimlessly shooting bullets and then reloading will only get you killed. To avoid those situations, aim, aim, and aim away until you get confident enough to take 1v1 in Overwatch 2.

Be patient!

An essential part of being the better Cassidy player in Overwatch 2 is to be patient. While you always have the option to run in head-on amid fights, it would be better to maintain your distance. Furthermore, if Cassidy takes up the high ground on a map, he will be nearly unstoppable. However, when enemies try to get closer to you, make sure to use your secondary fire, which empties the revolver, and do a combat roll to get out of any situation where you might not win easily.

Use your ultimate wisely

deadeye cassidy
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

Knowing precisely when to use Cassidy’s ultimate in Overwatch 2 can be a game-changer for your team. The Deadeye being one of the deadlier ultimates in Overwatch 2, makes it more time critical. If you use your ultimate when you’re low on health, you can be easily killed off. Furthermore, make sure the enemies are exposed enough so that Cassidy locks onto them for a quick shootdown.

While Deadeye’s primary job is to kill enemy players, it can also be used to clear space on site. Say the timer is running out, and you and your team need to capture the point. Well, just roll in with Cassidy’s ultimate and see how the enemies go running away and hiding, giving your teammates enough time to recapture the point.

Mix up the grenade-bullet combo

cassidy magnetic grenade
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

The long-time Cassidy, aka McCree players are aware of this combo; throw, shoot and roll. However, if you’re just starting out Cassidy, and want to learn how to beat players in 1v1s, this is the way to go. Throwing the magnetic grenade onto the enemy player and shooting them with a bullet will do the job. Now, you only need to get away by using the combat roll ability. Since the grenade can also hurt Cassidy, make sure to get away from the spot as soon as you can.

This works wonders and will surely save you many times in 1v1 situations. However, keep in mind Cassidy’s this technique won’t work against Overwatch 2 heroes that have a high cap for health. Meanwhile, on damage heroes and support heroes, you should definitely use this technique if you like to play things close to the chest.

combat roll cassidy
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

Overwatch 2: Whom to avoid and whom to pair Cassidy with?

Now that we know about Cassidy’s abilities and how to better use them in combat, let’s see which hero best synergizes with Cassidy and which hero you need to steer clear off.

While playing Overwatch 2 with Cassidy, make sure there’s a Sigma in the team. Sigma’s ultimate and Cassidy’s ultimate complement each other. On the one hand, Sigma can pull the enemy team up in the air, giving Cassidy enough time to lock onto multiple enemy players and kill them off in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, Zarya’s ultimate can also be paired with deadeye. The gravitation surge will pull enemies into the well, again giving Cassidy enough time to obliterate the enemy team with deadeye.

As for the heroes to steer clear off, Cassidy has a difficult time dealing with Tracer, Sombra, Soldier 76, Pharah, Widowmaker, etc; you get the picture. Cassidy is best played at medium ranges and fails to be a team asset during long-range fights. Lastly, as long as you don’t pick fights at long ranges and don’t linger in front of the enemies for too long, you should be fine.

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