Overwatch 2: How To Cause Mayhem With Junkrat!

Overwatch 2 How To Cause Mayhem With Junkrat!
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One of the craziest video game characters, Junkrat is surely fun to play with in Overwatch 2. However, mastering this damage hero can be quite a task. While you might not be able to get kills, once you start to get better at playing Junkrat, you’ll be getting the highest kills and the most fun playing Overwatch 2.

Similar to other Overwatch 2 guides, this guide will deal with everything about Junkrat, his abilities, how to make better plays with Junkrat, and others with whom to pair Junkrat. The hero doesn’t have a plethora of abilities in his arsenal; that being said, Junkrat is all about grenades and blasting things. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at Junkrat’s role in Overwatch 2 first.

What’s Junkrat’s role in Overwatch 2?

Being the only damage agent in the tier list with grenades as his primary weapon, Junkrat was created to cause mayhem on the battlefield. The hero is perfect for those looking to have a great time playing Overwatch 2.

Interestingly, it’s not mandatory to have a good aim to play Junkrat. However, your movement in-game should be top-notch to be at the top of your gameplay. Meanwhile, if you’re playing Junkrat in Overwatch 2, you can easily defend the site; thanks to the mobility and sheer damaging power of Junkrat, he can even take on tanks easily. Just as you hold a site to push back enemies with your abilities, you can also make the push when it’s your time to capture the objective and make the team follow in your lead.

Overwatch 2: Junkrat’s abilities

junkrat abilites overwatch 2
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on Ps5
Weapon/AbilityType of Weapon/AbilityDescriptionDamage
Frag LauncherPrimary weaponA grenade launcher that lobs 5 high damage-dealing grenades at enemies. While this weapon has no accuracy, it is better used to create certain choke points that make it difficult for the enemy to get across without getting damaged.120 on a direct hit
10-80 (depending on the range)
Concussion MineActiveA creation of his own, Junkrat can place mines all over the map, which damages enemies and propels them into the air. Since the mines do not damage Junkrat, he can propel himself and get amazing mobility, making it difficult for enemies to aim at him30-120 (depending on the range)
Steel TrapActiveA basic metal trap that immobilizes the enemy players as they walk close to it, further damaging them.100
Total MayhemPassiveJunkrat’s unique ability allows him to drop a bunch of grenades upon being eliminated, which can damage and even kill enemy players after you’re killed.50 per grenade
Rip-TireUltimateJunkrat’s ultimate uses the metal tire he carries on his back. He revs up the tire, which is a bomb that can easily kill enemy players upon remote detonation.50-600 (depending on the range)

How to make better Junkrat plays in Overwatch 2

The map is your playground!

The most important thing about playing Junkrat is being familiar with the map. As a Junkrat player, the map is your best friend in Overwatch 2. Knowing where to jump and drop grenades can separate you from the rest of the players. Furthermore, using your steel traps for any flanks should be of utmost priority for the players; avoid getting jumped from behind as you rain grenades on the enemy players.

junkrat mobility
Image: Overwatch

Furthermore, using the concussion mines can work wonders for you. Knowing where to place the mine to corner enemies is essential as you constantly drop the grenades on them. Meanwhile, when we say use the map to the fullest, we do not just mean the ground, but also to use the vertical segments of the map. As the mines do not do any damage to Junkrat, you can use them to propel yourself in the air and in a position that will have the enemy players wondering from where you are dropping grenades.

Be unpredictable

While playing Junkrat in Overwatch 2, be unpredictable. Leave your enemies wondering which move you will pull next; will you drop grenades from a distance? Will you get up close and use the grenade and mine combo? Which not only will kill the enemy players but also get you out of the situation real quick. Or will you set a trap along the way and use mines to push the enemy player toward it while also raining down grenades? While the possibilities are endless with Junkrat, it remains to the imagination and improvisation of the player to use the hero’s abilities to the fullest.

junkrat trap
Image: Overwatch

Know which area to flood with grenades

Another key strategy to make better Overwatch 2 plays with Junkrat is knowing when and which areas you need to cover with the grenades. While the obvious thing is to flood tight spots with grenades through which the enemy team has to cross, players must also use the grenades to push back enemies advancing on either you or your teammates.

This strategy plays well when you’re on the defending side. With Junkrat being an excellent defender in Overwatch 2, you can easily push players back with your endless supply of grenades; while also allowing your teammates to go for the kill.

Overwatch 2: Junkrat’s compatible heroes and counter heroes

Now that we’ve discussed everything major about Junkrat’s abilities and how to make proper use of them to win Overwatch 2 matches, it’s time to know which hero works best with Junkrat.

To quote, Roadhog, Zarya, and Widowmaker are a few of the compatible ones. Roadhog’s chain hook, combined with Junkrat’s grenades and mines, can prove to be deadly for any enemy player in your way. While Roadhog can catch the player, Junkrat can use his grenades and mine to further damage the player, resulting in elimination within seconds.

junkrat roadhog
Image: Overwatch

As for Zarya, her ultimate can pull entire teams into the gravity well, which Junkrat players can use to make 5 elimination in a matter of seconds with the Rip-Tire. Even if you do not get the entire team, making 1 or even 2 eliminations can work in your team’s favor.

Another one is Widowmaker; while Junkrat can take care of enemies on the ground, he can’t keep up with airborne enemies like Pharah. For the airborne players, you need to have a Widowmaker on your team, even Ashe would do the job. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about Ashe’s arsenal, we have a separate guide on how to play Ashe.

As for Junkrat’s counters in Overwatch 2, heroes like Genji and Pharah are the ultimate Junkrat counters. Genji can easily deflect Junkrat’s grenades, throwing back the grenades at him, which will damage Junkrat and go for the kill with a swift strike. For the Genji players, here is a dedicated strategy guide on Genji. As for Pharah, she is beyond Junkrat, the hero can’t damage her unless she sets her feet on the ground, which Pharah players rarely do. Flying well above Junkrat’s reach and raining down rockets on him will easily get Junkrat out of the equation.

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