Overwatch 2: How To Play Torbjorn

Overwatch 2 How To Play Torbjorn!
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Overwatch 2’s heroes come bearing many abilities and different levels of powers. Meanwhile, in this article, we’ll be taking a look at Overwatch 2’s damage hero, Torbjorn, how to use his abilities to the fullest in Overwatch 2, and which other heroes to pair him with.

Being one of the most interesting Overwatch 2 heroes, Torbjorn is very well sought after among players. However, as interesting as he is, Torbjorn’s kit is also a difficult one to master. Not to mention Torbjorn is one of the few heroes in Overwatch 2 that requires constant attention from players.

On a similar note, let us share some insight into how you can make use of Torbjorn’s abilities in Overwatch 2 to dominate matches and make life hell for enemy players. Meanwhile, before we get to the part about Torbjorn’s abilities in Overwatch 2, let’s discuss the role this hero plays in-game.

Torbjorn – His role in Overwatch 2

With the heroes divided into three categories, Damage, Tank, and Support, Torbjorn falls into the damage hero category. And being the damage category hero, Torbjorn’s main focus in Overwatch 2 is to dismantle the enemy team’s support. Furthermore, helping his team secure kills by damaging the enemy team by using the abilities in a precise manner.

While Torbjorn’s role is to secure kills and provide an environment for your team to get kills, Torbjorn can’t sustain close-range fights. Since the damage hero has very low mobility, players will have to be on the lookout for enemy players that would be looking to get a jump on you, thanks to how irritating Torbjorn can be for the enemy team.

For the players keen on mastering Torbjorn, he is surprisingly good and helpful for the team in game modes like Control, Escort, and Hybrid. To emphasize, players must put their turret in places where it can damage enemy players without getting too exposed. If not, the turret must be deployed in a place where it can distract the enemy enough to make your move for the kill

torbjorn abilities overwatch 2
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

Torbjorn’s arsenal of abilities

1. Rivet Gun (Primary Weapon)

The primary weapon in Torbjorn’s arsenal in Overwatch 2, the Rivet Gun, is a powerful weapon if used to the fullest. The gun has two fire modes; the primary fire shoots a single ammo with a slow rate of fire but does more damage.

The secondary fire, which shoots a burst of ammo, much like a shotgun, contains a burst of 10 pellets per shot. Furthermore, the secondary shot has a really short range.

2. Forge hammer (Secondary weapon)

What’s a dwarf without his hammer? Well, Torbjorn can not only use the hammer in close range to damage enemies but also repairs his turret, which is the hammer’s true purpose.

torbjorn hammer overwatch 2
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

3. Turret

A game changer in Torbjorn’s arsenal in Overwatch 2 that automatically locks on enemy players and deals damage via a laser beam. Players can set up the turret anywhere they want on the map. Moreover, as the turret takes some time to be deployed, it can be destroyed before it is functional. When damaged, players can repair the turret with the Forge hammer.

torbjorn turret
Image: Overwatch

4. Overload

The most unique ability of Torbjorn in Overwatch 2, it gives the damage hero temporary armor gain, increased damage, reload, and movement speed. Furthermore, players can use this ability to either charge enemy players along with their turrets or get to a position quickly. Overload can also be used to get out of situations where an enemy might charge you with their ultimate.

Image: Overwatch

5. Molten Core (Ultimate)

The ultimate that is sure to get most of the enemies out of the way of the objective. The molten core is Torbjorn’s ultimate in Overwatch 2, which throws multiple orbs or molten lava that spreads as it hits the floor, simultaneously damaging enemy players.

torbjorn ultimate overwatch 2
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

How to play Torbjorn?

Now that we are familiar with Torbjorn’s abilities in Overwatch 2, let’s get to the part where players can use these abilities to the fullest to make the best Torbjorn plays.

Know when to primary fire and alternate fire

The first and foremost thing that Overwatch 2 players need to understand is when to use the primary fire and when to use the alternate fire of the Rivet gun. Most players make the mistake of using alternate fire when there is no use for it. For instance, the primary fire damages enemies at a distance, while the alternate or the secondary fire damages enemies only at close range. Make sure to use the primary fire from the rivet gun at the enemies at distances, it is only if they get close enough to you that you must use the secondary fire.

Don’t forget the Turret

Probably the most important item in Torbjorn’s arsenal of weapons. The Turret can be used not only to damage the enemy team but also to distract them while you and your team take the advantage of damaging them head-on.

turret position overwatch 2
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

Furthermore, make sure to place your turret in places where the enemy can’t reach it without effort. Placing the turret in places with height will gain you an advantage, as many Overwatch 2 heroes won’t be able to reach there, apart from a few, of course. Not only this, but the turret is essential in creating choke points for the enemies. Most importantly, don’t forget to tend to the turret, as it can be easily destroyed.

No mobility? No problem!

The biggest drawback of playing Torbjorn in Overwatch 2 is that he has no mobility. However, this can very well be turned into an advantage if you how to play along the lines. Make sure to keep out of the reach of Tank heroes. If you get close enough, you won’t be able to escape. Many a time, it will happen that you get caught in the crossfire, resulting in instant elimination. Rather than charging toward the enemy, place your turret, tend to it, and keep your distance.

torbjorn no mobility
Image: Overwatch

Using ultimate to the fullest

While the turret helps in maintaining choke points, it is Torbjorn’s ultimate in Overwatch 2 that really helps him dominate his enemies. In matches where the enemy team is trying to capture a point or escorting the payload, using Molten Core can work wonders as this will not only damage the enemies but also displace them. In doing so, any tactic that the enemy team might have will go down the drain.

Once you separate them, the tanks on your team can take easy picks. However, make sure that you do not use the ultimate at any given time. When the enemy team is clustered up is a great time to use Torbjorn’s ultimate.

Heroes to pair Torbjorn with

To make sure you get the most for your team, pair up Torbjorn with Symmetra to create endless choke points for the enemy team. Having Symmetra’s turrets and Tornjorn’s turret placed aiming for a particular spot can create easy choke points. Furthermore, you can contain the enemy team from reaching the objective. As for the players to keep away from, we suggest you stay away from the tank heroes. Owing to the massive health, it won’t be easy for a Torbjorn to take them head-on.

With that, let’s conclude this guide on how to play Torbjorn in Overwatch 2 effectively. In case you have any suggestions for us to put in this guide, do let us know via comments.

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