Overwatch 2: Ashe Guide: How To Play Ashe?

Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide How To Play Ashe (Tips & Tricks)
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Overwatch 2, the rebranded version of the popular fast-paced FPS shooter Overwatch is here. While there are not many changes in the new Overwatch 2, the prominent one is that the new format is a standard 5v5 instead of the older 6v6. Furthermore, unlike the previous game, there can only be one tank, two support, and two damage heroes in Overwatch 2. The only exception is the open queue quick-play mode. Meanwhile, in this article, we’re going to be talking about how to play the Overwatch 2 hero Ashe and make plays that help your team win games.

Ashe belongs to the “Damage” class in Overwatch 2 and is suitable for players that like to keep their distance from the enemy. Furthermore, if you are interested in everything west and want to take a break from Cassidy, taking up Ashe for your next Overwatch 2 game might be right. Before we get into the part of how to play Ashe in Overwatch 2 and make good plays, we need to understand the role of Ashe.

What is Ashe’s role in a game?

In Overwatch 2, there are three categories of heroes; Tank, Support, and Damage. Meanwhile, one other major difference between the first Overwatch and Overwatch 2 is the format of the team. Ashe belongs to the damage hero category. While there’s no foundation to how one plays a specific character, it is recommended that you play damage hero to kill the enemy support. And help your team by damaging the enemy team, but only from a certain distance.

ashe damage hero overwatch 2
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Moreover, all the damage heroes in Overwatch 2, including Ashe, gets a speed and reload boost upon killing an enemy team player. This plays a key role in quickly repositioning mid-game and getting that fast reload while you’re at it. Now that we know what is Ashe’s role as a damage hero in Overwatch 2 is, let’s get to her abilities.

Overwatch 2: Ashe’s abilities

ashe overwatch 2 abilities
Screengrab: Overwatch 2 on PS5

1. The Viper (Main Weapon)

The Viper is a semi-automatic rifle that comes with 12 bullets. Now being a semi-automatic rifle means that players will have to keep on pressing the shoot button to shoot the enemy players. Furthermore, The Viper doesn’t reload in one go, rather, the bullets are loaded one at a time.

Apart from all the drawbacks of being semi-automatic, the Viper is an accurate weapon with brilliant mid-to-long-range accuracy. That being said, the Viper fully avails its accuracy with the help of aim-down sights. While aim-down sights increase the accuracy of the Viper, it decreases the reload speed and the fire rate.

2. Coach Gun

The Coach Gun is an active ability of Ashe in Overwatch 2. With this, you can blast off enemy players and yourself when they get close to you, helping you maintain the distance. Moreover, you can use this gun to propel Ashe to certain areas.

3. Dynamite

This one is pretty straightforward, the dynamite is a throwable ability of Ashe that can be used to damage enemy players. In addition to damaging the enemy players, the dynamite also has burning damage that lasts a few seconds. Furthermore, players can also shoot the dynamite to make it blast sooner.

ashe dynamite
Image: Overwatch

4. B.O.B. (Ultimate)

Bob, do something. These are the words you’ll hear every time you pop off Ashe’s ultimate. Upon deployment, Bob charges forward in the direction you use the ultimate and knocks enemies in the air. In addition, after knocking them in the air, Bob shoots them with his canons. If Bob gets stuck in front of a wall, it’ll move around and start shooting the enemies instead.

Image: Overwatch

How to play Ashe in Overwatch 2?

Now that we know about the character’s abilities and skills; let us dive into how players can better make use of Ashe’s abilities to make better plays for their team. First off, don’t stress yourself if you’re new to the game and are trying to learn the mechanics. As it takes time to get used to the movement and shooting mechanics in Overwatch 2. Meanwhile, as you put in more hours in the game and get familiar with the heroes, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Overwatch 2, especially with a damage-class hero.

Practice your aim

The first thing you need to be a better Ashe player than the enemy Ashe is to have a better aim. And if you’re looking for ways to be better at your aim, there’s no alternative to practice. Go to the training room and practice with Ashe’s primary weapon as much as you can. Not just shooting at standing enemies but also at moving targets.

Image: Overwatch

One good thing about Ashe’s primary weapon is that the Viper has a “Hitscan” mechanic. What this means is the bullets fired from the primary weapon have no travel time. To put it simply, the shots connect as soon as you press fire. Now that the bullet projectile and bullet travel time are eliminated, the only thing that remains to master the Viper is your aim.

As talked about earlier, Ashe’s primary role is to eliminate the enemy support while damaging other enemy players as well. Now, as with every other weapon in Overwatch 2, Ashe’s Viper deals more damage with headshots, so practice your aim for headshots.

Using abilities wisely

Apart from your aim, the other thing that will make you a better Ashe player in Overwatch 2 is learning to use your abilities wisely. This includes using the coach gun to not just maintain distance between you and your enemies but also to propel yourself into places that the enemy players won’t expect you to be.

For instance, here’s a short video that provides an example of getting Ashe in places that gives you good aim and keeps Ashe away from the enemy’s view.

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One thing to note here is that players should refrain from using the Coach Gun when they’re near the edge of the map, as doing so will instantly kill you as you fall off the map. In addition, using the coach gun in closed spaces will not do you any good.

The other ability, dynamite, can be used not only to damage the enemy players or the entire enemy team but also to hold off corners when you’re playing for time. Furthermore, keep in mind that the dynamite also has a cooldown; make sure to use this ability in scenarios where it’s necessary.

Use B.O.B. more efficiently

Ashe’s ultimate is a game changer. However, it depends on how you use the ultimate that defines whether you turn the tables in your favor or in the enemy team’s favor. B.O.B. is one of the ultimates in Overwatch 2 that cause destruction when used correctly. Meanwhile, to make use of Ashe’s ultimate better, make sure you either deploy bob when the enemy team is clustered, or you deploy bob in front of a wall.

In the case when the enemy team is clustered up, bob will shoot them up in the air and take them down. Furthermore, when you put bob in front of a wall, it doesn’t shoot the enemies in the air but shoots his arm canons to inflict major damage.

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