Nintendo Switch Finally Gets Bluetooth Audio, But With A Catch


Nintendo Switch is finally getting Bluetooth audio support four years after its initial release. This has been a much-requested feature that Switch users have been asking for. Nintendo of America announced this by tweeting that a new software update has brought the ability to pair Bluetooth audio devices to your Nintendo Switch console.

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Nintendo Switch users will have to download the latest update to make use of this feature. After the update, users will need to go to the Bluetooth Audio section in the settings menu to turn it on. This is a great change before this: Switch owners would have had to spend extra on third-party accessories if they wanted wireless support. However, Nintendo has provided a disclaimer that you may experience audio latency depending on your Bluetooth device.

The “catch”

According to Nintendo, this feature is only for audio output, and Bluetooth microphones cannot be used. You cannot connect more than two controllers when using a Bluetooth audio device. Additionally, you won’t be able to use your Bluetooth device when playing local wireless multiplayer games. In this case, the Switch will automatically disconnect the device.

How to pair bluetooth devices on Nintendo Switch

1. Make sure that no more than two wireless controllers are connected to your Nintendo Switch.

Note: A pair of Joy-Cons counts as two wireless controllers. To disconnect a controller, hold the SYNC Button on the controller for at least one second.

2- Turn on your Bluetooth audio device and set it to a searchable state or pairing mode.

3- From Nintendo Switch HOME, go to System Settings.

4- Scroll down to Bluetooth Audio, then select Pair to search for any available Bluetooth audio devices in range.

Note:– Only 10 devices can be paired and saved to the system. You will need to remove at least one saved device before you can pair a new one.

5- When discovered, select your Bluetooth audio device.

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