Android Collects 10x Data Than Apple iOS When Idle: Report

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Misuse of personal data isn’t something new for us. Even before the whole Android location tracking fiasco, the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal gave us a pretty clear image as to what extent the major tech companies would go to collect data.

While frequent data misuse reports were flooding our news sources months ago, Google somehow managed to steer clear on data collection issue. But not for too long as now the search engine giant is also facing the heat for its data collection practices.

A new study has surfaced that says Google collects way more data from Android than Apple does through iOS. Most of the data taken into account is collected through passive means, i.e., when the Android device is idle or stationary. But Google captures a lot of data while the device is being used as well.

The research termed as “Google Data Collection” commissioned by Digital Content Next states that an idle Android phone sent location information Google at least 340 times in a day.

On the other hand, Google wasn’t able to send out any location markings on the iOS Safari, unless the user was interacting with the device itself.

Moreover, the research found out that a stationary Android device communicates ten times more than Apple devices communicates with their server.

On being asked for a comment on this research, Google completely discredited the research by calling it “wildly misleading” and biased because the researcher is a witness in a lawsuit filed by Oracle against Google.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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