“My Hero Academia” Is Getting Two New Special Episodes

Our young heroes will out their quirks to the test in a baseball match.

My Hero Academia Is Getting Two New Special Episodes
Image Credit: My Hero Academia

‘My Hero Academia’ is one of the biggest Shounen anime ever, with five seasons of some spectacular fights and plotlines. With season 6 now coming soon, fans are now hyped to see what is next for Deku on his journey to becoming the greatest hero.

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While season 6 is still a bit far off, fans will be getting 2 new special anime episodes very soon. The episodes will be anime original so that this one can be enjoyed by all the random. Let’s talk about them in detail down below.

‘My Hero Academia’ two-episode special announcement

My Hero Academia Is Getting Two New Special Episodes
Image Credit: Bones

The specials were announced in this year’s 23rd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The two new episodes will be screened in Japanese theaters from June 16-19. Furthermore, global fans will be able to watch it later when it releases for streaming in the summer.

While we’re talking about big news releases, let’s talk about what’s coming out. “Spy x Family” is probably the most popular anime airing right now. The fun but heartwarming anime has seemed to take the world by storm and is worth checking out. So check out our guide on “Spy x Family” episode 5.

What are the ‘My Hero Academia’ two special episodes about?

My Hero Academia Is Getting Two New Special Episodes
Image Credit: My Hero Academia

The first two episodes will be centered around heroes forming a baseball league called HLB or Hero League Baseball. In a clash between the Gang Orca-led Orcas and the Shishido-led Lionels, young students of the U.A are called in for support. So get ready to see an intense match of baseball filled with superpowers.

As for the other episode, we don’t know what that is about now. However, we do know that both of these are not canon to the main series. Both episodes will be a fun set of side stories before things go south later in season 6.

That’s all we have for today. Are you excited to see a super-powered baseball match? What do you think the second episode will be about? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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