Stranger Things 4 Fans: Order Your Surfer Boy Pizzas Here!

Stranger Things Argyle
Image: Netflx

Among the unsung heroes of Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4 is a cheerful young stoner and his Surfer Boy Pizza van. Argyle, performed superbly by Eduardo Franco, is the show’s brand-new pizza delivery kid who balances the show’s bleak final countdown with his disoriented sense of humor.

Recently, fans discovered one of the show’s Easter eggs by contacting the number displayed on the side of his delivery vehicle and reporting that it does, in fact, connect to the GTA-inspired delivery guy!

Get your Surfer Boy Pizza here

While undoubtedly binge-watching the series, curious Stranger Things fans noticed a phone number on the side of the delivery van that Argyle uses to transport the Byers family. Despite his reckless driving and curb-jumping, someone managed to find and dial 805-45-PIZZA.

Those who managed to get through, claim that the number connects customers to the California-based pizza shop, and the Surfer Boy who answers the phone is Argyle. They also claimed that there is a pre-recorded message that greets you saying,

“Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking. We make everything fresh here at Surfer Boy, except for our pineapple, which comes from a can, but I still recommend slapping some juicy pineapple on.”

For those who want to try it, social media users have pointed out that Walmart sells pizza inspired by the show. Netflix has partnered with the retailer to offer its customers the option of purchasing a frozen Surfer Boy Pizza in four different flavors: pepperoni, supreme, meat lovers, and pineapple jalapeno.

Unfortunately, Argyle does not offer personal delivery, but we imagine the pizza would make an excellent snack while watching Stranger Things. You can stream all four seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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