Watch This YouTuber Shut Down Scam Call Centers With Glitter Bombs

Watch How This YouTuber Shut Down Scam Call Centers With Glitter Bombs
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Mark Rober, the uber-popular YouTuber, conducted a prank to disturb the scam callers network. These scam callers worked as an organized unit with hundreds of employees who scammed senior citizens. Mark joined forces with Jim Browning and Trilogy Media to take down the scam callers on their home turf.

The complete video showcases the rampant rise of organized scam-calling agencies. It reveals the dark side of the Indian call centers that rake in millions of dollars from foreigners.

Mark Rober’s scam call center operation

Mark Rober has been proactive in finding and exposing scam callers in the US. But he noticed that all the captured scamsters point to a larger network based in India. He decided to do something about it and invited Jim Browning and Trilogy Media. Both of these YouTube channels help track down scam callers and expose them on the platform.

Mark Rober knew that executing an international prank would not be easy. So, he built a team and reached Kolkata, India. Kolkata houses a number of big scam-calling agencies that run this deception on a massive scale. The primary intention was to prank these agencies and disrupt their workflow. Mark and his team collaborated with a person from Kolkata who shared the same zeal for exposing the fraudsters.

The plan involved roach and rodent infestation on the site, a bad odor smoke bomb, a dark-colored solution in place of hand wash, and viagra. Mark connected with a guy who was experienced in working with call centers. He became the inside man who carried all these traps inside the call center easily. It was possible due to the inept security at these centers.

The prank began in the bathroom. Whoever washes their hands ended up with a strong colored stain on their palms. Next up was the Viagra box which stirred up commotion inside the office. Then came the sudden infestation of rats and cockroaches followed by a smoke bottle.

Lastly, a package with the glitter bomb arrived which informed the clueless employees about the prank. They even gained access to security camera footage of the company and posted the entire prank as a long-format video.

What did it accomplish?

Mark Rober’s prank halted the workflow of these scam call units and saved millions. Most of the call centers shut shop for a few days which is a sigh of relief. However, they will soon become operational again and begin targeting gullible senior citizens in the U.S.

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