Look What Happens When Lucid Motors CEO Takes Out Air On A Test Drive

Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson Test Drives sedan Air
Image Credit: Lucid Motors

The CEO of Lucid Motors, Mr. Peter Rawlinson, took out a release candidate Lucid Air for a test drive on California’s roads. This is the first time Lucid Air was spotted on a public road without camouflage.

Lucid Motors says that release candidate Air is the last step before initiating manufacturing for the customer-ordered Lucid Air. The Lucid Air tested by Mr. Rawlinson is built in the company’s new AMP-1 factory in Arizona.

The company filmed the whole scene of the test driving of the car and uploaded the video to its YouTube channel.

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Lucid Air Test Drive

The purpose of testing Lucid Air was simply to evaluate the driving dynamics and other abilities of the electric car. Thus, Peter chose a mountainous region with curvy roads for the same and then headed towards the west of San Francisco. He said that these twisty sections will be the perfect ground for testing the driving dynamics of the Lucid Air.

While driving this Tesla Model S rival, Peter revealed some small yet important details about the car. For instance, he pointed out that they have recently increased the regen of the car from 0.25 to 0.3 in sports settings.

Lucid Motors electric sedan Air review
Image: lucid Motors

This might be a negligible change for a common person but according to him, it has significantly improved the ride quality of the car.

While praising his electric car, Peter referred to his driving experience as ‘super isolated light quality.’ He also said that he wanted this ‘vault-like experience’ from an electric car, and no EV manufacturer has perfected it.

Furthermore, he added, “This car is as much sports car as a sedan.”

Excellent Suspension

Peter Rawlinson test drives Lucid Air electric sedan
Image: Lucid Motors

Peter was highly impressed with the suspension team of the car. He spoke very highly of the suspension system, steering response, and the overall ride quality of Lucid Air.

Moreover, he said due to the traffic he couldn’t unleash the full ability of the electric sedan Lucid Air.

Although Mr. Rawlinson admired his electric vehicle for most of the time, he pointed out some of its flaws as well.

CEO Of Lucid Motors Sincerely Mentioned Problems In Air


The way Peter mentioned the drawbacks of his car while driving it was looking sincere and genuine and it felt quite impressive. Most automakers always praise their products and put stress on their best qualities.

However, Mr. Rawlinson took a slightly different approach and highlighted the cons of Lucid Air as well.

This looks quite genuine and might help in gaining the trust of the customers.

What Are The Flaws In Lucid Air?

According to Peter, there’s just one problem he experienced while driving the car. He said there was a bit of judder in the hill hole which can be fixed by working on software.

More importantly, Rawlinson said it can be improved and they’ll work on that.

Final Thoughts

It’s obvious that being the CEO and CTO of the company, Mr. Rawlison would have been slightly biased in his review.

However, it’s also true that Lucid Air is the only legitimate rival of the Tesla Model S. In addition, the fact that Peter pointed out a small flaw in his car would be beneficial for the company in forming trust among the masses.

We believe we’ll get more detailed feedback on the car when independent experts and actual owners drive it and share their experience.

So, what do you guys have on your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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