Some Android Apps Still Sharing Your Data With Facebook

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Previously, a survey by Privacy International discovered the exchange of users’ data between various Android apps and Facebook, following which many apps stopped the practices. However, a recent survey suggests that the data collection continues to take place for some other apps.

It is suggested that apps such as YelpDuolingo, job-hunting app Indeed, a Bible app, as well as two Muslim prayer apps (Qibla Connect and Muslim Pro) are still sharing users’ data with Facebook without users’ consent.

One thing worth noting is that the information is shared even when the users don’t have a Facebook account or are logged out of Facebook.

User data shared with Facebook is meant to target users for adverts while they are using Facebook.

To recall, the previous investigation involved popular apps such as Spotify, Skyscanner, and Kayak, among many more, which have now updated their policies and no longer share data with Facebook.

Privacy Investigation has reported the issue to the European Data Protection Board and the European Data Protection Supervisor. Furthermore, upon being contacted by PI, Duolingo has suggested that it will soon stop the practice.

The news raises more concerns regarding users’ privacy, given that Facebook is already dealing with a lot of security-related issues and needs to work really hard to get back users’ goodwill.

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