Linux & Open Source News Of The Week —, Patches For Firefox and Tor, And OSS-Fuzz


Short Bytes: This week, open source world was greeted with the open source code of George Hotz’s self-driving car. In other news, Firefox and Tor issued critical security patches. For more, read our weekly Linux and open source news roundup and stay in the know.

Linux & Open Source News Of The Week

George Hotz open sources code and hardware of his self-driving car project

George Hotz, the first iPhone hacker, has open sourced the software and hardware code of his self-driving car project Evidently, he has taken this step after getting threats of huge fines from the US Department of Transport.

Linux-based Sailfish OS becomes Russia’s official mobile operating system

Russia has granted an official status to Jolla’s Sailfish OS, which is based on open source Linux kernel and Jolla’s Mer Core UR. The new Sailfish OS-based devices are expected to arrive in Russia in 2017.

Google announces OSS-Fuzz for securing common software infrastructure

Google has announced OSS-Fuzz for “continuous fuzzing of open source software.” It’s a new beta program that has been developed over the past years to make common software infrastructure more secure and stable. This will be done by combining modern fuzzing techniques with scalable distributed execution.

Linux-based YunOS to beat Apple’s iOS in China

Alibaba’s Linux-based YunOS mobile operating system will bypass iOS in Chinese mainland by the end of this year. However, the analysts have predicted that outside China, YunOS won’t be able to penetrate the premium smartphone segment.

Firefox and Tor issues critical patches to block attacks

Mozilla has released an update to its Firefox web browser to fix a vulnerability that was reported to deanonymize Tor users. The existing Firefox installations will be installed automatically over the next 24 hours. The Tor Project has also advised the users to update their Tor Browser immediately to version 6.0.7.

How Microsoft plans to “mix” Linux and Windows 10 in Creators Update

In the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is planning to add new features to its operating system. One of the significant changes come in the form of improved Linux subsystem and Windows console for making things better for developers.

Best features of Linux Mint 18.1 ‘Serena’

Linux Mint 18.1 Serena is expected to arrive later this December. It’ll be based on Cinnamon 3.2, Linux kernel 4.4, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The beta version of Mint 18.1 is now available for download and testing.

Canonical and Docker partner to distributed Docker as Ubuntu Snaps

Docker and Canonical have announced a partnership to provide an integrated commercially supported Docker Engine offering for cloud container management.

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