C++17 Final Standard Is Now Official

c17 programming language
c17 programming language
Earlier this year in May, we told you that C++17 standard is now feature complete and expected to ship soon. Well, if you’ve been waiting for the same, that time has finally arrived as the official standard has been published on ISO.org.

The final standard of C++17 has been published as ISO/IEC 14882:2017 on ISO.org, as reported by Phoronix. Based on C++11, this new standard aims to make C++ a less bloated programming language and infuse some modernity into the same.

As it turns out, C++17 has become a major standard, just like C++11 and C++98. This introduces new features like ‘if’ initializers, structured bindings, support for UTF-8 character literals, fold expressions, etc.

It’s worth noting that C++17 was formerly known as C++1z. LLVM’s Clang compiler has already been updated to acknowledge this change to C++17.

In case, you are willing to get an overview of the new C++17 features, you can take a look at this Wikipedia article. There are numerous other resources available on the web that can help you understand the new release even better.

This standard will be followed by C++20, whose work has already started and it’s expected to ship in about three years.

What are your favorite features from this release? Let us know your views and share the feedback.

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