Switch to Android And iOS, Microsoft Will Support You Because Windows Mobile Is Dead

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For Microsoft, smartphone operating system hasn’t been their cup of tea. Probably, that is one of the reasons the company has started building apps for others, namely Android and iOS.

Now, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Windows, has indirectly admitted that the days of Windows 10 Mobile are probably over and people should switch to other platforms which he chose not to name.

Belfiore’s Twitter session, that started with an emoticon response to a tweet commending Edge, slowly turned into an explanation of why Windows Mobile platform failed.

When asked whether it’s the time to leave Windows Mobile, Belfiore said its still used by the corporate employee and the company will continue to provide support.

However, he emphasized on switching to other platforms due to their app and hardware diversity. As an end-user, he also did it.

A major shortfall in the life of Windows Mobile has been the lack of apps which compelled users to move away. According to Belfiore, the company didn’t leave any stone unturned to improve the adoption of the mobile OS. They tried “VERY HARD” to incentivize the app developers.

Windows 10 Mobile isn’t going away, not until Microsoft makes it official. There won’t be any new features or hardware update but Redmond would continue to shower bug fixes and security updates.

Microsoft might want to support people shifting to Android or iOS. In fact, the majority of people who use Windows on PC have a different OS on their mobile phones, not even Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates who recently shifted to Android. This creates a mixed ecosystem but introduces another major problem in the picture. When there is a new platform, there won’t be much of Microsoft.

However, it seems the company has already tied their shoelaces; Microsoft has started pushing their apps to other operating systems. Recently, we saw the release of Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Launcher for Android and iOS. Continue on PC is another feature that bridges the gap between the phones and Windows 10. Also, there are possibilities of a modular OS called Andromeda replacing Windows 10 Mobile in the future.

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