Sony Is Offering $50,000 Reward To Find Bugs In PlayStation 4

PS4 bug bounty

To keep themselves ahead of malicious malware operators, companies usually launch a bug bounty program and pay ethical hackers to spot bugs.

The latest company to launch its bug bounty program is Sony. The Japanese consumer electronics giant is offering $50,000 to find critical vulnerabilities in PlayStation 4.

Sony had a bug bounty program prior to this announcement, but only private researchers were allowed to participate in it. The company has now partnered with HackerOne to launch a public PlayStation Bug Bounty program. The security research community, gamers, and anyone else who would like to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network can participate in the program.

On the HackerOne website, it is mentioned that spotting a critical vulnerability in PlayStation Network can fetch a maximum reward of $3,000, whereas a user reporting a low priority bug is eligible for an award of $100.

If you’re more interested in spotting vulnerabilities in PlayStation 4, the highest reward is $50,000, whereas spotting low priority vulnerability in the console can fetch you $500.

According to the HackerOne website, it has already paid $173,900 under the bug bounty program and has received over 154 reports in the last 90 days.

As for the scope of the bug bounty program by Sony, the company mentions that the program covers the PlayStation 4 system, operating system, accessories, and the PlayStation Network.

If you are a skilled, ethical hacker and a gamer, this could be one of the best chances for you to earn money while playing games on PS4.

You can find more details about the Sony PlayStation bug bounty program here.

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