Microsoft Edge Launched For iOS And Android — Here’s How To Download It Right Now

More than a year ago, when Microsoft launched Windows 10 operating system, it pegged Microsoft Edge web browser as an exclusive and highlight feature of Windows 10. Now, taking a U-turn, the company has launched Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Edge web browser for iOS and Android are initially launched in beta. With this release, the company wishes to bring a Windows 10-like browsing experience to the mobile devices as well.

This surely seems like a logical step for Microsoft as it’ll help them help Android and iOS work coherently with Windows 10. This move will help the users synchronize their work on desktop and mobile devices with the help of features like Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View.

A big advantage of using Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS for existing Windows 10 users would be the ability to push web pages across the devices and instantly continue working on different platforms.

It’s worth noting that the initial preview will be launched only in US-English. With time, it’ll be expanded to other languages and countries as well. Some features like roaming passwords and support for tablet devices will also be rolled out in future.

How to download Microsoft Edge beta for iOS and Android?

Contrary to what you might expect, downloading Microsoft Edge on your iOS and Android devices isn’t straightforward; it does come with a simple catch.

These beta releases could be grabbed via Apple’s TestFlight and Google’s testing program via Play Store. You need to visit this web page to sign up for the Microsoft Edge mobile. It’s worth noting that you must be a Windows Insider running the latest Windows 10 Insider builds. So, you need to click the above link from a Windows 10 PC running latest Insider build for exclusive access.

Later in the year, Microsoft is expected to launch Edge Mobile final version to all users.

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