Fingerprint scanners, based on biometrics, are still the most convenient security systems we can have on our devices and elsewhere. Although we have other technologies including facial recognition, they have certain shortcomings and work inefficiently sometimes.

According to a new patent titled “Keyset Fingerprint Sensor,” Microsoft might be working to integrate the fingerprint sensor in keyboard keys. The fingerprint recognition might be done with the help of ultrasonic image sensing technology that can work past a thickness of 500 microns.

Microsoft patent fingerprint sensor

This new development could fix a couple of drawbacks related to the fingerprint sensors. For instance, manufacturers have to make a separate component to include fingerprint sensors in devices.

On some devices, external fingerprint sensors are required which can be connected over USB and they’re difficult to manage for the users. But even those with the sensor built-in, it needs additional space taken by the dedicated sensor button. Also, there are problems that manufacturers face with the overall design and size of the devices.

It’s yet to be known when the technology would arrive for our devices. You can read the full patent using this link.

via MSPowerUser

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