iPhone Could Feature Under-Display Face ID By 2026

Under display Face ID

Ross Young, co-founder, and CEO of DSCC has predicted that the iPhone will have an under-display Face ID and camera module by 2026. Young took to Twitter to project a timeline that could end up with a redesigned iPhone and could take as much as 4 years to complete.

The timeline also makes sense since Apple has the habit of not fixing what’s not broken. The old iPhone design with Touch ID lasted 10 generations, and now the notch design has been there on 5 iPhone models. Apple has been fine-tuning this design, and it’ll ultimately change into something completely new.

Under-display Face ID

If Ross Young’s timeline is to be considered, iPhone could feature an under-display Face ID and front camera module by 2026. The timeline says that the standard iPhone 14 will have a notch, while the iPhone 14 Pro models will feature a pill + hole setup.

Going further, the 2025 iPhone 15 models could have the pill + hole setup. Then the iPhone 16 Pro models will be the first ones to get an under-display Face ID module but retain a hole-punch camera. Skip to the 2026 iPhone lineup, we could see the under-panel Face ID with the camera module.

So we can expect a redesigned iPhone starting in 2024, and the new design would peak in 2026. Considering the timeline, Apple will accept newer tech only when it is stable and proven. This is classic Apple and makes sense if you look at the company’s history with bezel-less design and high refresh rate.

The transition from Touch ID to Face ID was not a seamless one. There were repair issues, and then the pandemic also challenged Face ID. However, Apple improved the module, and it is now more repairable and also works with the mask on.

We think the iPhone under-display Face ID module will come out soon and could give us a truly all-screen iPhone.

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