Steam Deck Parts Spotted On iFixit Are Interestingly Priced

Steam Deck replacement parts ifixit

Steam Deck has been a pretty successful first handheld console for Valve. The gaming giant is strong with a console with over 3000 Steam games gaining the “Steam Deck Verified” tag. During the launch, one of the things that I found fascinating was when Valve said, “It’s your console, and you have every right to open it.”

If you remember, Valve partnered with iFixit to sell Steam Deck parts, and it looks like the part listing mistakenly went live yesterday, and a few people were able to order some. Here are more details about the same.

Steam Deck parts pricing is surprisingly good

We say surprisingly because the parts are priced pretty well. For example, the anti-glare display costs $100 ($65 for the normal screen), and the fan costs $25, which is the part most people ordered since some late Steam Deck units shipped with a noisy fan. However, the Motherboard costs $350, which is a lot considering the console itself sells for $399.

iFixit being iFixit, has promised to “honor” the deliveries of parts that people have ordered. The giant has also said that the parts page will be going live soon. Therefore, for people who could not secure one for themselves, the total price of assembling the Deck by themselves will be way higher than the retail price.

It’s easy to break electronics, especially consoles, which most people use for multiple hours a day, putting a lot of pressure on the thumbsticks, D-pads, etc. As I was scrolling through the r/SteamDeck subreddit, some people had already broken their Decks.

Steam Deck scored a solid 8/10 iFixit repairability score, making it one of the most repairable handheld consoles. What are your thoughts about the Steam Deck replacement parts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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