Face ID Repairs Are About To Get Cheaper

Face ID repair
Representative image: Unsplash

Apple implemented Face Id on their iPhone starting from the iPhone X, and it is becoming standard for the iPhone as well as the iPad. However, Face ID repairs had a big catch to them that Apple plans to fix now.

So far, if you broke your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera or had any other issues with your Face ID, Apple would replace your entire iPhone. However, a recent report says that Apple has figured out a way to offer Face ID without the hassle.

Face ID Repair Could Be Cheaper

An Apple Support discussion thread says that a broken Face ID module could be as much as $399 to fix. Now MacRumors has obtained an internal memo which could mean more affordable Face ID repairs.

According to the Apple memo “authorized technicians will soon have access to a new TrueDepth Camera service part containing all Face ID and front camera modules allowing for same-unit repairs.”

This means Apple-authorized technicians will know when to repair the module and when to replace it. Face ID was first introduced on the iPhone X in 2017 and has been trickling down to newer iPhone models since. The only iPhone model that comes without Face ID is the iPhone SE, which is also due for a refresh this year.

These new Face ID repair practices will reportedly apply to the iPhone XS or later models. The iPhone X has been kept out of this list because Apple changed some Face ID settings from the XS model onwards.

The company has also introduced self-service repair practices, which allow third-party and DIY repairs. We also expect Face ID to eventually make it to the Mac as well since the newer MacBook Pro 14 and 16 already have a notch.

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