How To Deactivate Or Delete Instagram Account?

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Although Instagram is an app that we love to open at any time of the day to either post pictures or see other posts, too much of social media can even make us hate it to finally delete Instagram.

Privacy concerns over the data-slurping nature of Instagram could be a trigger. While the urge to delete Instagram account can come and go, the fact that social media tends to make us relieved (I vouch for that!) can’t go away.

As part of my How To Delete series (I recently did a piece on how to delete Snapchat), the second episode is all about how to delete your Instagram account, if you feel the need!

My guide will answer two questions: (a) how to deactivate Instagram for some temporary space you might need from the app, and (b) how to delete Instagram permanently if the app no longer pleases you.

However, please note that you can only do this through the Instagram website and not the app. Before deleting Instagram account, you should also save all the data you have uploaded to the platform, in case you want it later. 

How To Download Instagram Media?

Prior to going off Instagram, be it either temporarily or permanently, you can download all your photos and videos you’ve uploaded on the photo-sharing app. You just have to head to the link over here, provide your Instagram password, and select the Request download option. You will receive an email with a link within 48 hours to download Instagram data.

download instagram media.1

How To Disable Instagram Account?

In case you want to take a break and try to spend some time with real things, you can deactivate Instagram account through the following methods:

  • You need to head to and log into your Instagram account by entering your username and password.

Instagram login

  • Head to your Profile section and select the Edit Profile option.

deactivate instagram

  • Scroll down to find the Temporarily disable my account option.
  • Following this, you have to provide Instagram with your reason as to why you want to disable your Instagram account as if it is a relationship (maybe?). To do this, you have to tap on the drop-down menu and answer the Why are you disabling your account? question.

deactivate instagram

  • Upon selecting the most relevant answer, you just have to re-enter your username and password details, and you are good to go. Your Instagram account is now temporarily deactivated. 

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

To finally bid goodbye to your then-favorite photo-sharing app and delete Instagram permanently, follow these simple steps:

  • For this too, you need to visit the Instagram website and go to your Instagram page by logging in.
  • Click over this link to reach Delete your Instagram option.
  • Again, you’d have to explain why you want to delete your IG account by tapping on the drop-down menu and selecting the apt reason.

delete instagram_1

  • Once you are done, log in again with your Instagram ID and password and select the Permanently delete my account option to add the last brick to the wall.

How to Reactivate Instagram?

Once you are done with staying away from Instagram and wish to get back to it after deactivating it, you just have to log in again to reactivate Instagram account and voila! Once again, you are back with your bae!

Sadly, the same option isn’t available when you have deleted your Instagram permanently. Please note that you’d lose all the previously uploaded pictures, videos, and stories once your account is permanently deleted and you’d have to start from square 1 to build your profile on Instagram. 

Some FAQs You Should See

Apart from the obvious steps to follow to delete/deactivate your Instagram, here are some frequently asked questions you might want to know, which are related to this:

1. How to delete Instagram account on iPhone app?

As you can’t use the Instagram app to delete or disable Instagram, you can access its web version via an iPhone as well, if not a PC.

2. How to delete Instagram account on Android app?

Just like I mentioned above, you cannot delete your account from the app. However, you can access on the Android phone to follow the procedure mentioned above.

I hope the above-mentioned steps help you to delete Instagram account with ease.

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